Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Can Go All Night Like a Lumberjack

Did Amava quit dropping bombs for the Sky Guard and pick up a job with Venture Co. Lumber? Nah.

With tuesday's reset, I got my weekly arena points and broke past 1000. Fly off to Area 52, scout around a bit to find the Arena Vendor, and the Season 3 axe is now soulbound to Amava.

As always, my social network of enchanters is not quite as well rounded as I'd like, so it took me about 45 minutes of pinging people to locate someone with the +35 agi 2H weapon enchant, but alas, she be mine.

With this upgrade, my AP and hit drop a bit, but my stamina and crit jump substantially. There's also some "ignore armor" which I'm uncertain on how to compare that to other stats, but I'm assuming it can't hurt since it says "ignore" and not "increase" armor. And the resilliance will help me in Arena, but I doubt it'll be enough to overcome my total lack of skill or true desire to be good in there. I'll keep putzing along, collecting my bit more than 250 points per week.

This puts my crit at a little over 22%, which I think means I might need to reallocate some talent points because Go For the Throat will now supposedly be providing enough focus for Cringer to keep swinging away. I need to find a good boss fight that's pretty standard tank 'n spank to run a baseline, and then respec and try again. Dr. Boom won't be suitable for this, as my intent is to test out my total damage with my pet, which boomie doesn't help you with.

With the stamina boost, I'm now at about 7800 HP, which is much nicer, and one step closer to the 8K that I'd like for starting Kara.

Attack power, while dropping a tad, is still over 1500, so I'm a happy camper.

Next gear goal for me is to reach the hit cap. I'm at 116 now. Cooked up a pile of Spicy Hot Talbuk, that'll buff me to 136. So me thinks I'll re-gem a few spots where I have combination +hit/+agi gems, and replace them with pure +hit gems, which will then hit cap me - OR - read Kaliban's loot list for where the other pieces of Desolation gear live, and farm those until I get a second piece of that set to go with the helm I have sitting in the bank. If I get that +35 hit set bonus, I can the re-gem back to pretty much entirely +agi gems in those slots. And to think, I can remember weeks ago that a piece of Desolation dropped, and I passed, thinking it was Shammy gear. Go figure. I think I won the shard though, so that got recycled into +35 agi on my new axe :-)

It is a bit anticlimactic, as I do feel it is a bit like a handout. To get this gear upgrade, I really only endured a bit of emotional pain at getting spanked in Arena, and a teeny tiny bit of personal discipline in remembering to get my 2 friends together for about 2 hours before each tuesday's deadline.

Welfare or not, she looks awesome as I spam away at Wing Clip to level up my 2H Axe skill.

Edit: title changed from "I'm on Welfare" at the last second, preferring a Hot Shots Part Deux reference instead.


pelides said...

Welfare or not... it's a good axe. I use it over Legacy!

Stupid Mage said...

You can practice shooting/tearing up the guys in Shadowmoon Valley near the lava pools. The ones surrounded by totems.

Just make sure the totems are active, and you can attack them forever.

Oh wait...They're immune so it won't show your damage. /sigh good for leveling weapon skills though.