Friday, January 4, 2008

Shout out to teh Shammies

Time for a shoutout to the fine Shammies out there. Not the coarse ones. Not the heavy, solid, or dense ones. But the fine ones. This is a tribute to you.

Botanica. Me. Warlock. Elemental Shaman. Holy Priest. Prot Warrior.

This shammy was just on top of his game.

On the surface, you get rediculous DPS. The 3 DPS'ers were just a tiny hair away from eachother on the damage meter, which is so cool to see. Ususally my groups have giant differentials in output. A balanced contribution from all teammembers is outstanding.

On the one boss with the goat legs, at the bottom of the ramp with all the channelers, the DPS was rockin' so hard, I was watching the boss's health bar just screaming down to zero, I burst out laughing at how fast we burned that guy into the ground.

Next you get the wonderful beautiful sweet sweet Air totems and their +77 agi. Not to mention a nice fun bubbly visual effect (at least i think it comes from that totem, either way, its all win).

Then you get the hyrbid capabilities.

Shortly after that goat boss, there's some multipulls. Well, the pull went off before the warlock whipped his succubus (or whichever pet he needed for the fight) out. Total chaos, and we slowly take the bad guys down, but they took us down a bit less slowly. Warlock goes down. Priest goes down. Hunter goes down. There's 3 mobs left.

Shammy starts healing the tank and doing some damage. 2 mobs left. Tank goes down.

Shammy whips out some sort of earth elemental, who starts tanking the 2 mobs while shammy burns one into the ground. He got the last one down to 10% health before he finally bought the farm.

But just one of the most entertaining battles to watch as a corpse. This guy was just awesome at using his class capabilities and adjusting to the dynamic situation.

How's that for positive? :-)

And did you get the veiled reference to calling the shammie's DPS "rediculous" and then comparing it to my own? Thus calling my own DPS rediculous? LOL, somebody stop me.

EDIT: between writing this and posting this, I ran a WWS report for the run. "rediculous" indeed. The overall stats are not meaningful, as the Shammy was only with us for half the run, so look at the last few individual boss fights.

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