Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Go Time

Tuesday night, at 7:45 pm server time, invites will be sent out for TagTeam of Terokkar’s K1-PM team to assemble and venture into Karazhan for our Guild first run.

Of course, due to the wonky way I write these articles and post them later, you'll probably be reading this AFTER it occurs, but oh well, such is the life of my readers. You're probably used to that by now.

Wanna guess how much I'll be able to concentrate on work today? Yeah, not so much.

Spent about an hour or so preparing on monday night.

Went out to Nagrand to do the Spiritual Soup cooking quest, and spanked a handfull of Talbuks and fried up their meat with a little Frank's Red Hot. My unbuffed hit is 112, which means it'll be 132 with the well-fed bonus. I'm still on the fence whether to dump roughly 10 gold to replace 2 pure +agi gems for some gems that also provide +hit. I think the +3hit/+3agi gems are not too expensive, and would put me at 138 which is pretty darn close to hit capped. I'll wait for that impulsive decision at the last minute.

I had a stack of Kibler's Bits in my bank, so luckily no need to head to Helfire to go bird hunting.

Dumped a nice chunk of gold down on supplies. Most costly was Flask of Relentless Assault that sold for about 40 gold each. I figure we'll be wiping a bit at first, so that's probably more economical than drinking a pair of elixirs after each corpse run. Also a few stacks of Super Mana Potions, Superior Mana Oil, Super Health Potions.

Got two stacks of Smoked Talbuk Venison to ensure Cringer stays happy.

Filled up my 20-slot quiver with Warden's Arrows. I looked into Adamantite Arrow Makers on AH. When I looked, there was nothing reasonably priced, so I'll stick with the CE arrows. My guild Engineer does not have the schematics for that yet, so he and I need to go do some grinding up in Netherstorm, but that'll have to wait for another day.

Paid for a talent respec to get 4% improved hit for my pet, improved aspect of the hawk, and a better revive pet, at the sacrifice of some pet tanking capabilities, focus generation over time, and outdoor running speed. To compensate, I also respec'd my pet to have a bit of resistance in arcane, fire, and shadow. I kept him with both Claw and Bite. I'm not sure how I'm going to observe this on the fly, but I'll try to see if they're both firing off regularly, now that I'll have a bit less focus without the points in Bestial Discipline. If there's a problem with focus starvation, I can shut one of them off.

Happily, this was all paid for out of the petty cash that Amava keeps on hand, plus the day's take from daily quests which I hadn't sent to my bank mule yet, so no dent in savings. There's still a little left in her pockets to pay for repairs, so that aspect should be all set.

Went to for the first time and tried to research the Attumen fight. Maybe my mind is simple, but that site just plain confused me. There's so many different strats and sections and I just don't get it. So I watched a couple of the videos which are such low quality that you really can't tell what's going on. And when you can tell what's going on, you have no idea what spells people are using or what special abilities the boss mobs are doing, so I actually feel dumber now than when I went there. I'll need to read WoWWiki's version of the fight, as I find them to be pretty simple in their explanations.

Went over to BRK and watched his vid about Moroes, just in case we make it that far. Pretty consistent with how my first experience with Moroes went, with a little less pet tanking in my version.

I guess that's all I can do for prep, and now its time for the team to execute.


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