Monday, January 21, 2008

Strange Policy

Sounds like Kestrel and I work for joints that use the same proxy vendor, because his description in a recent comment exactly fits what I'm seeing. Some days all of blogspot is blocked. Sometimes just the login is blocked, but reading is acceptable, and still on other days, only some blogspot sites are blocked. Same appears to be true for wordpress stuff.

Now the kicker....friday morning BRK posts his 1,000,000 challenge. Not that I have any intention of spamming away at the refresh key all day (nope, no intention at all), but the stupid blocked message comes up for

Oh well. At least the feed still comes into google reader, so just a matter of finding a feed for the comments and I'll be semi-all-set.

And find a low cost hosting solution that has a Tomcat server I can run java on.

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