Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fishing in Zangarmarsh

While clearing out some space on my alt guild vault and Amava's bank slots, I found stacks and stacks of fish that I've been collecting from the cooking daily quest barrel of fish which I keep picking until I get the Chocolate Cake recipe.

I can't cook these fishies, so I looked up some recipes on wowhead. Come to find a few nice recipes for sale up in Zangarmarsh. Fly up there, talk to the vendor, and see a book that's shaded red, indicating its useless to me.

Hmmm, seems to teach Master fishing. Hmmm, when can I learn it? 275? Hmmmmm, I wonder how close I am? 273?

Sweet. I haven't really been paying attention to the skill level, but I've been whipping out my pole whenever I get a chance during down time.

Quick like a bunny, I fish the waters right next to the vendor. With an aquadynamic fish attractor, it was letting me catch a fish a little bit more than 50% of the time.

The fun part was a lvl 61 priest who was trying to run away from some aquatic 3-headed mob. I was standing there, minding my own business, fishing away. I see him, and target him just to watch his health for fun. When he got close to dead, I felt badk and hit Ctl-1 and Cringer took the mob out lickety split.

Went on like that for the 10 minutes that I was using that aquadynamic fish attractor. The guy just kept dragging mobs back to me, and I'd keep having Cringer kill them.

So now I'm a Master Fisherman.

Loooooooong way to375, but this is the first time I'm fishing higher level waters, and I'm seeing that there's gold in them thar ponds. Motes of water, FTW. Expensive fishes, that cook into even more expensive buff foods, FTW. A pile of debris floated by, literally spawning directly where my bobber was already. I fished 7 crates out of there. Mailed them to alts to open up and find weather beaten journals in 3 of them, FTW!!!!

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