Monday, December 31, 2007


I have no idea what that title means, but I think it means I couldn’t come up with a title, hence “untitled” and its vaguely about my guild, thus “gld”. Stupid, I know, but I’m a bit frothy over here and trying to hold the temper in check, lest I put in print something I wish I hadn’t.

I don’t need to say it, you’ve already figured out that this post is a tad rant-ish. Read on at your own peril.

All hyped up with my plan to constructively and positively approach my guild leader with my concerns about getting organized about a Karazhan run, I log in Thursday night.

Very few people from the guild were on, including the guild leader and the #2 guy (that is, those two individuals are included in the not-logged-in list at the time), so no kara conversation at this point.

I did notice that our guild message ‘o the day is a barely readable listing of “kara minimums” with some stats like tanks defense numbers, melee DPS attack power numbers, etc. Strange place to stuff it, and barely readable, but, I like the general idea, as it shows somebody at the top is actually thinking of this stuff, and not just me.

Moments after logging in, my healer friend asked if I wanted to run anything, so I said Mechanar, as that would complete my quest for the Arcatraz key, and also possibly drop me a piece of Beastlord luvin (4 seconds off my trap cooldown would be A++).

Quick like a bunny, I found the rest of a team, including dangling some nice meat out there to entice a bear friend of mine to tank even though she’s been liking kitty form of late (and doing a damn fine job rivaling me in DPS, if I do say so).

Two pulls into the run, healer friend says “got to go guys, just got PUG invite for kara”.

Ok. I understand. Green with envy. But I understand. Good luck. Yadda yadda yadda. Now get outta here, kid, ya bother me.

Found another healer in quick order, as I try to treat my healers nice nice, and they seem to remember me and like playing, tyvm.

In the scarce few minutes I was looking, I noticed on channel 4, there was a guy from my guild, relatively new but seems to be respected by the guildies, shouting in all caps, “LFM NEED 1 HEALER FOR KARA RUN”.

/scratch [target=head]

Ok, I suppose he’s PUG’ing or still running with friends as he’s new to the guild. Same as before, a bit jealous, but hey, I’ve got a good group together over here and can enjoy my evening. Strange that I didn’t see any buzz about it from him on guild chat, or any asking for healers (2 guild lvl 70 healers were on at the time). But ok, back to my dungeon run.

We pwn Mechanar, with me as party leader, which I still get queasy marking targets, and none of the other party members had ever run Mech so I was the “expert” lol. Lots of fun, 1 or 2 wipes, good positive attitudes. Got my 2nd Arc key frag which is nice. My trap cool downs remain maximized L My bear friend got a nice cloak J

Get out of the run and look to see who’s on from the guild. And I see the guy who was barking on channel 4 is in Kara. And wait, what’s this? My eyes are a bit blurry, and my head a bit cloudy, but a quick little “sort by location” on the social window….there’s 5 other guildies in there too.

What gives?

For months now, guild chat has been dominated by tons of talk about hitting 70 so we can run kara, and getting keyed so we can run kara, and when are we running kara. Nearly nonstop anytime there’s more than 5 guildies on simultaneously (which is always, thanks to an unrestricted recruiting policy for any toon over 50).

So then magically 1 day, there’s ZERO buzz about the f-ing place at all in guild chat. And there’s 6 people in there.

Strange flood of emotions hits me. On the one hand, the initial jealousy. You know, you’ve been working towards that goal for some time now, and now its within inches away, and you see others doing it and it’s a tad frustrating. Ok, I can live with jealousy, that wears off pretty quick on me, and I can return to normal.

Then there’s the feelings of secrecy. What a GIANT contrast guild chat was this day. Not a peep about kara all evening, while a normal evening is chock full of all types of kara-chatter. What’s the deal?

And then there’s the feeling of “why today?” On the day that I’m all prepared and composed and calm and planning on talking with the guild master to find out his plan or encourage him to have one.

Needless to say, I was pissed. It wore off pretty quick, as jealousy is stupid and goes away without too much fuss. After some reflection, I think “good job by this guy.” He wanted in, and so he found the players he needed, and he went in. I admire the drive, and the results. I’d prefer it be something that’s openly discussed, rather than done via whispers, but I do appreciate someone who can get the job done.

A little strange that none of the guild leaders knew anything of it (more air of secrecy), and nobody at all was saying anything at all about it, whether it was the people in there or the other kara keyed guildies who where not in there.

Later on, after the wave of “kill everything and everyone in sight” passed, the guild GM and #2 guy came on. The 3 of us talked, and the two of them want to have the 3 of us put together a list of who Kara Team 1 is and hold a guild meeting on Saturday to announce it and then get the team together and discuss schedule.

So where do you go from here?

F this guild, you can kiss my purple-wearin’ Night Elf ass? Work with the GM on seeing if we can get some organization and form up Kara Team 1? Talk to the guy and see if we can’t turn the 6 from the guild on his run into 10 on the next one (including a hunter who I feel pretty strongly towards)?

In the end, I’m not really angry….well….not too much. I still have my goal, and this guy and Thursday night don’t really change that. Sure, they might change the steps I need to take to achieve my goal, but in the end, I still need to look inside and figure out how the F I’m going to get in that rediculous stink hole in the Deadwind Pass.

Anybody have tales to share (or links to send me towards) of how your guild (or somebody else’s guild) made this transition into their first Kara team and organized raiding?

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Anonymous said...

Damn. I could have written a LOT of that post of yours, Amava.

We had several guild members (GM, her spouse, their best friend, etc.) leave at the beginning of December--some friction, but mostly they wanted to move on faster than the rest of us could or would (curse me for having 4 70s including 3 DPSers :p). But, "Hey, we'll still include you [me, that is] in quests!" After all...the GM is (was?) one of my closest friends.

Sooo...two other members then moved one or two characters to the guild the others moved to. And I've seen folks still in our guild, questing with those who left--SH, SV, Mech, etc. Have I gotten a whisper of an invite?

I don't get it. But you have both my sympathy, AND my empathy.