Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Is there anybody out there on the Terokkar server who wants to set up a fixed time, one or two nights a week, to run level 70 5-man dungeons?

Could be a guild that has set times.

Could be just a group of friends who set up a time, call it 8:00pm server time on Tuesdays.

Nothing hardcore. Perhaps not even heroics, yet. But I do want to try heroics.

Maybe some aspirations towards Kara, but no huge rush. Let's gear up first, and grind faction rep by running dungeons, which will then let us gear up further through faction rewards.

This has proven to be the hardest thing for me to find, and honestly, other than my silly boots dexterity enchant that I can't find (I think I'm gonna get a t-shirt printed up with the tooltip for that), reliable 5-man groupings with a little bit of schedule regularity, is the main WoW concept giving me beef (ignore my previous post about BRK's search. My feelings on that one are fleeting, and will go away soon. My desire for casual scheduled 5-man stuff will not).

I'd love nothing more than to look forward to running a dungeon at a specified time, allowing me to prepare for it, research the bosses, gather consumables, alter my pet's talent spec, and so on. Knowing that a group was waiting for that magical time when we start the fun.

Are you guys out there on Terokkar? If so, pst Amava.

p.s. If you can apply Boots - Dexterity or +35 2H Weapon or Savagery, I'll be your best friend. But I'll love you just the same if you want to have a casual fixed schedule for 5-man content.

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