Friday, December 28, 2007

Talk to the Toon

When you're talking to people IRL, how do you refer to your toons?

I got caught saying to my girlfriend "...since none of Amava's friends were on, I switched to an alt and..." She got a chuckle out of it and brought it to my attention that I'm discussing my toon in the third person, as if Amava were an entity unto herself.

Seems that I refer to Amava and her antics that way. At least sometimes. I think it mainly comes out when discussing the social aspect of the game.

When Amava leads in the Damage Meter, without unnecessarily pulling aggro or doing other naughty things, those exploits get spoken of in the first person, as Amava's daddy takes great pride in that and wants the credit :-)

Also fashion. While I am somewhat indifferent with regards to colors and appearances, Amava simply adores purples and dark reds.

Then you've got other schools of thought, such as BRK's royal "we" used to refer to his toon and pet Hobbes combined/unified opinions, performances, and experiences.

Funny how we all develop our own strange warped sense of identity with our toons. That's a big part of what keeps this game interesting. And keeps the people close to us IRL wondering just how thin our thread of sanity is.


Pike said...

I usually refer to my characters as "I" or "me" unless I'm discussing a certain aspect of my character's personality in an RP sense, in which case I will switch to the third person. Examples: "Today I did this quest, and I got this reward", vs. "Tawyn's pet is always out, it's a part of her personality."

I'm also fortunate in that most of my friends/family play WoW. So at least they get to be crazy with me! =P

Anonymous said...

I play several toons, but I usually don't refer to them in the 3rd person. When talking to a couple friends who also play WoW, I usually say something like "I did this on <insert char name here>", rather than use the "<insert char name here> did this..."

Hunter and pet said...

I often find myself doing a mix. I play a ton of alts, and I tend to refer to my main alt by her name and in third person, and the rest of my alts as "me" or "I". I guess it just depends on how you are feeling, like you said.

By the way, long time reader, first time commenter. Love you blog, Amava!

Troll on a Powerbook

Sellia said...

I usually take of my toons at the 3rd person ... =)

But since I only talk about WoW with another player, I look too weird.

Happy new year !!!