Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What do I want to be when I grow up?

If you've read this blog, you're probably aware that I'm a huge fan of being a double gatherer. Sure I miss out on any BoP epic items I could craft via another profession, and finding the enchants I need, while not impossible, has been a challenge at times. But in the end, having a stable income, that more or less just comes from making quick stops while travelling around, makes so many parts of the game come easier, as I can buy just about anything I need.

That said, a friend of mine who also levelled up as a dual gatherer, recently switched. And I think I'm having a drop of an itch as well, if for nothing else other than a change in scenery.

The thing that started the itch was thinking about potions and elixirs. I've really never used them, pretty much ever. When I get a health or mana potion drop off of a mob, I just dump it on the AH. The fancy potions go for between 3 and 4 gold on my AH, so its been nice to just dump them.

Then the other day, in Heroic Ramparts, a friend stopped by the AH before the run and got us some fire resist potions or elixirs or something, as that last dragon boss is just too much for us at this gear level, and fire damage is a big part of his game. I had no idea such things existed. And as I eye Karazhan more and more, I see the value of having a dependable supply of various potions, flasks and elixirs.

I'll either have to ask around the guild for any alchemists, or just go ahead and do it myself. I have no experience or evidence, but I've heard some success stories of making gold from Alchemy. I'd hate to drop mining, as its so lucrative, and helps supply engineering, blacksmithing, and jewel crafting on my alts. Then again, I don't play them all that much other than in binges, to the point that if Amava finds a way to stay rich, then the alts can buy anything they need for their crafting profs.

Then I also think of enchanting as a way to stop whining about not being able to find my Savagery. After all...if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. In the end, this one loses out in my mind, as I'd rather help a friend farm for the formulas that I need, and just grow my extended network of enchanters over time.

And the final extreme option....drop both and take up leatherworking and skinning. This has the allure of some nice BoP crafted items at the highest level. Plus some nice leg armor packs, which I believe are also BoP at the high end. Maybe some more research will be needed before going this route.

So far the options that bubble to the top are keeping mining/herbalism or dropping mining in favor of alchemy. The leatherworking/skinning radical option is reserved for incase I log in during a New Year's Eve celebration having enjoyed a few too many beverages. The recent economic situation made me see the value of being a diversified gatherer, so that's on top for now.

Friends don't let friends visit profession trainers drunk.


Anonymous said...

"Then I also think of enchanting as a way to stop whining about not being able to find my Savagery. "

- Remember to FIRST amass some 2~3K+ gold because that's probably what I've spent so far and only to get to 340ish Enchanting!

If I were you, I'd keep the double gathering: you've proven that to be a VERY viable and reliable (even if boring!) means of making gold.

As for Enchanting, that's why I dropped Herb on my main Druid and took Ench (and kept Alch mainly because of some recipe drops I had already learned while leveling). I then proceeded to farm rep with the Timbermaws to give myself the ability to do +25 AGI on 2H...

Don't regret it, but sometimes it's hard to find the herbs I could use...

If you have an alt of at least level 35, I'd drop one of his/her skills and power level Alch using the herbs gathered from your main. You'll be able to craft the vast majority of pots, only missing those new to TBC but with the improved leveling, that could just as well be the last incentive to then level that alt a bit to 50 and buy a portal to Shatt to continue leveling through TBC recipes. The only thing you will miss on are those BoP recipe drops...

Matticus said...

Agreed with someone.

Double gathering is a nice boon to have. My main is a Tailor/Enchanter, my Shaman's a Herb/Miner (and she's got the ONLY Epic flying mount), and my Paladin is a newly minted Alchemist/Blacksmith.

Having a Herb/Miner opens up so much in resources for you. Because you can take your mats to crafters and they'll usually cut you a deal of some kind (like free). Any excess you can sell anyway.

Mcgoo said...

Well enchanting is a bottomless pit of money outflow.. Until you get really high.. It's painful. Very much so really. I like enchanting on "tanks/heals" alts. They are assured to be in a instance where the goods drop more frequently, and can DE the stuff on the spot for dusts. It's not something I'd advise for a main toon unless you had a big fat wallet of several thousand gold.

I'm currently a (warlock) Miner/Skinner. Skinning is GREAT for money until you get to outland (YMMV). Outlands only really drops a few kinds and I never saw a big market for it in AH. I'll be dropping skinning for tailoring... The epics are too good to turn away.