Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Aint She Purdy?

Amidst my push for Honor Hold reputation this weekend, there was some downtime between runs. If I had a set time that I had friends coming back on, I had some spare time. If I had no real plans for the next few hours, I'd lurk in LFG/LFM to see if anybody else wanted to run in Hellfire Citadel.

What better way to fill downtime than to grind away in Netherwing Ledge.

And what better way to get exalted than to turn in some eggs. I had a few quests completed, and ready for submission, plus some eggs in my bag. I thought it fitting that I use an egg to push me over the edge.

In my excitement, I headed straight over to Shattrath City to get my drake. None of them would talk to me. Oops, you gotta finish out some quests over Shadowmoon. They give you a nice little presentation of a scripted event that was a pretty cool ending to the roughly 3 week grind. Then an automated delivery to Shatt on the back of a giant dragon. It felt like in Survivor when the final few contestants remember all those who got voted off before them, just some fun time to reflect and look back at what got you here.

Now, anytime I land at a mailbox, I get at least 1 random person ask "how much that mount cost?".

I even had a PUG party member quit before the run started, shortly after I landed at the summoning stone, saying "i hate people who get their epic mount while in all greens and blues". The rest of the party put him in ignore also.

And quite frankly, I find the big guy a bit tough to handle in close quarters, so I still carry my Swift Purple Gryphon for things like the Skettis egg bombing.


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