Friday, December 28, 2007

Two tanks walk into a cave...

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. A horse walks into a bar. Bartender says "why the long face?" Scotty Pippen walks into a bar, bartender says...

While struggling with some antics that have sprung up in Amava's guild, I went to play some alts.

To start off with, there's my Paladin who's desperately clawing his way to 35 so he can continue his enchanting, or rather his disenchanting which needs to be 275 to keep up with Amava's equipment collection. Also, a new found joy of engineering. Some fun stuff there, and I like burning gold now that Amava's 300 riding skill's been paid for and she's got some primal mooncloth bags equipped. Expensive purses, indeed.

Questing in Redridge, I was getting killed too much in this one cave. Fast spawn and multi mob pulls. There's a warrior doing the same thing. We join up. Both of us have shields, both are prot spec'd. Woot. Took us 45 minutes to kill each mob, but damn if we weren't a survivable pair. We jumped off this one ledge in the cave and had 8 mobs on us. The fight took forever but we lived (barely). Fun times. Ended up doing a bunch of group stuff, and got my guy up to 28.

Noticed a funny thing with Engineering. I don't have the exact levels in front of me right now, but one thing you can make is Goblin Jumper Cables, which allow you to try to do a non-combat rez on a dead party member, with no guarantee of success. Sounds like fun. My pally's big sister wants some in her bag, so hop to it.

Only thing is that one of the required ingredients is Fused Wiring. The formula for that is available from 2 vendors, one of whom is in Shattrath City. Quick switch to Amava (ok, wasn't quick, ended up doing all the Arcatraz key solo quests, and also a run through Botanica for both the daily normal-mode quest and one half of the Arc key), buy the recipe, and mail it over.

Try to learn it, only to discover that this recipe needs skill level 260 or 275 or some such. Strange that an ingredient would be harder to make than the final product. I guess there's examples of that in real life, it takes more research and development for Intel to make Pentium chips, than it is for Gateway to assemble PC's. Ok, I can accept that explanation.

So I bought a fused wiring on AH.

Then I get all the other ingredients, except the Iron Bars. All those were listed at hugely marked up prices. In general, I'm spending freely on my alt professions (enchanting, engineering, alchemy, and tailoring. so far my blacksmith and jewelcrafter is too low to mention). I got stubborn, and refused to shell out the dough for the bars. So Amava's mission when I get home from work is to go collect and smelt 6 iron bars.

Also made a bunch of fireworks, which Amava's going to bring to guild meetings and instances where she can celebrate at the summoning stone while everybody else is farting around instead of geting ready for the run.

Bought a bunch of new gear to celebrate ding'ing 28, so he looks much cooler now. Lots of rusty chain mail, goes nicely with his beard.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you ran into an Eng noob mistake! :)

You have a chance to get those from used Target Dummies! So, the usual process is make a few and, every 30 or 45 secs or whatever is the cooldown, use another one only to grab the drops when it's gone! :)