Monday, December 3, 2007

Strange Server

I'm not sure if my server is strange or not. Its the only server I've ever lived played on so to me, its all there is.

But it feels strange.

There's three areas that feel strange to me. One of which might actually be strange, the other of which might be normal for any server, and the third, I'm not sure.

The one that's probably normal, but feels strange, is how hard it is to find a group for...well...anything. LFG/LFM almost never turns anything up. The LFG chat channel is mostly filled with low level characters asking for a high level to run them through a low level instance. Any guild I've been in has been pretty disorganized in terms of getting events going, or encouraging any grouping. But I read lots of complaints about LFG/LFM on a variety of servers so this one might be normal.

The next one is the economy and professions and such. I think my server is a bit strange. The AH seems to have no rhyme or reason as to when stuff will sell or not. Take felweed. Sometimes its an awesome staple product, consistently selling at any stack size, using Auctioneer's suggested market price. Then it'll go for a week or so with almost no sales other than single-herb stacks. There's a bunch of herbs that behave like this. I'm assuming that means that there's only a couple of high-level alchemists that do any buying, and when they log in, sales galore, and when they go on vacation, my herbs expire. I'd think that metals would be a bit more stable because they're used by a wider variety of professions, but its only a little.

While on professions, how about enchanters? How do you find enchanters with the formulas you want? I spent the majority of the weekend asking on the trade channel, or by asking guildies and party mates if they knew anybody, for Boots - Dexterity, 2H Weapon - Savagery, Chest - Exceptional Stats, and Cloak - Greater Agility. I found the cloak one in my guild, so that's awesome for future needs. I eventually found a guy who knows the chest one, so I kept his name for future reference.

Does anybody on my server even know Savagery? How do you find these people? I'd work on levelling this stuff up myself, but (A) on an alt, it won't do Amava much good, and at least for the time being, (B) I have no plans to drop either of Amava's professions to replace it with Enchanting. Maybe once I grow a new farmer up to a nice level, but I'd have to think that one over a bunch.

And lastly, the strangeness of guilds. Where does one turn to find guilds that raid? If for no other reason than to view their websites to look for organizational tips that help them. When I look at wowjitsu or some random google searches, I find mabye 5 or 6 guilds with active websites on my server. Does that mean I'm doomed to a low population and therefore low numbers of well-organized guilds? Or is there something I'm missing?

Strange indeed.


Anonymous said...

#1: same every server...

#2: stuff sells better on weekends (Friday-Sunday)

#3: I leveled enchanting on my main just because I tried for a couple weeks to find someone to do a +25 AGI chant on a nice weapon and simply couldn't find anyone! Sure, not being guilded may help to that...

#4: Savagery, if you look it up on wowhead, drops only in SH and from one single mob type. That and the fact that it's a BoP, meaning only chanters will ever get to see it, means that there are not many ppl with it and those are in hardcore guilds and probably don't waste much time doing it for 5g fees...

#5: I don't believe there's much margin for a big number of raiding guilds in any server. Sure, the higher pop they are, the more room there is, but if you think it through, not many players get to raiding as raiding is a bit different from instancing: you need to actually COMMIT to it, and BE there at the marked time, in some guilds more than once a week. Plus raiding requires someone coordinating progress and runs and there's not many ppl with both the TIME and SKILL to do that, so raiders tend to agglomerate on a few raiding guilds...

Anonymous said...

Check out the realm forums for Terokar, I see recruiting guilds there all the time, you should be able to find one that is working on end game content. I'm sure they wouldn't turn down a solid hunter like yourself.

Durgan said...

@ #4: 2H Savegery (+70 AP)
[A] Miaka [H] Liebestod, Villian
On the same realm forums I mentioned above, there is a rough (very rough) list of people that have recipes for certain things, ie for Alliance there is a char named Miaka that can do the Savagery Enchant your looking for.

Durgan and Pudding