Monday, December 3, 2007


I don't really use the focus target option at all. I see three possible uses for it...

1) Set the turkey to focus. That's the guy I'll be freezing. Then set up a few macros that allow me to send an arcane shot or distracting shot at the focus, while maintaining my target on the DPS mob that we're burning to the ground.

2) Set the Main Tank to focus. This will let me easily Misdirect to my focus. I currently have a Misdirection macro with a hard-coded name in it that I alter at the beginning of each party.

3) Set the Main Assist to focus. This will let me choose my DPS targets easier. My assist macro also has a hardcoded name that I fill in at the beginning of a party for this purpose.

I'm on the fence as to which would be best to go with.

I've never run with a party that uses a different Main Assist than the Main Tank, so for all intents and purposes, both my Misdirection macro and my Assist macro get the same name every time...the main tank's name.

What I really need is an addon that gives me little check boxes next to player unit frames, one for MT and the other for MA. At the start of a party, I'll just click to select the tank and assist, and it'll update my macros for me. That would really help, especially as I run into players that have goofy characters in their names and I can't type them into my macro. If I could do this, then I'll use focus for the turkey. I wonder how hard that would be to write. Perhaps something to consider once I'm Netherwing Exalted and I have a bit more free time.


Anonymous said...

"...that have goofy characters in their names and I can't type them into my macro."

L2T (Learn to Type!)

Now, seriously, you can shift-click most anything and insert that in macros. Things such as names in a chat frame or spell names...

Jabari said...

I go with keeping the 'turkey' as my focus, and then having a separate MD macro with the tank's name spelled out. Works extremely well for me - never had a problem with it.

Be careful assisting the MT - he might be jumping between targets to build threat on them.

(Have you volunteered to be MA yourself? A hunter MA works very well...)

Amava said...

I have never worked with a group who uses an assigned MA, and anytime I've approached it (maybe 5 times across 2 different guilds), everybody acts like its the single most preposterous idea they've ever heard.

I personally love the idea. Ego Priest has a few write ups on the beauty of using an MA and I can totally see how powerful that can be if used well.

Also, I've stayed away from volunteering as MA because while trapping, I'm switching targets a lot. But using focus on the turkey, I can keep my target as the main DPS target, making me a much more viable MA. Something to think about.

In addition, the tanks that I work with really end up being single target tanks, and they don't switch too much. This leads to problems (such as non CC'd mobs heading straight for healers with high global threat levels). I've only worked with a good pally tank once, and he was awesome at nailing 3 mobs to him. So all this adds up to just using the MT as the MA. Not optimal, but has served me ok. Time will tell how long this strat will remain usable.