Friday, December 7, 2007


So what's the deal with using the mouse for movement?

I read lots and lots of stuff that seems to indicate that freeing up your left hand for spell casting by using your mouse for movement is the way to go.

Ok, makes sense. No problem moving forwards or turning one direction or the other. Actually nice for excecuting snap turns substantially faster than via the keyboard, although I'm pretty clumsy with it now, I can see getting more accurate with practice.

Some things I can't figure out that leave me unable to actually make the switch:

1) Selecting new targets. Currently I can keep moving with the keyboard and select new targets with my mouse. How does a mouse mover overcome this?

2) Strafing. I press q or e to move directly sideways. Can you do this with the mouse?

3) Jumping. How you jump up and down? I know PvP'ers are big on mouse movement, and they're also the jumpiest bunch I've ever seen, so there must be a way. Or do you need to revert to keyboard for jumping even if you're a mouse mover?

4) Backing up. Do you ever have to take a few steps backwards when you're a mouse mover, or do the snap turns become so natural that you just turn around and walk forwards and then turn back around to simulate reverse?

What's the deal?

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Anonymous said...

I'm not a mouse-mover, but...

1) As long as you don't need to move *and* select target! You can also use TAB...

2) Assign a new binding, say, SHIFT-LEFT-CLICK to strafe left and likewise for right?

3) Again, you can assign the third mouse button (mouse-wheel) on either click, scroll-up or scroll-down to whatever function you need.

4) Backing up: same as 3. Assign e.g., back to mouse-wheel-back...

Currently, I use a different approach: stuff as much as I can with proper macros on my mouse-buttons and use mouse to target/do stuff while using kbd to move around...

But, one of these days I can imagine myself backing up my WTF folder and trying out a different way... (You *do* know that keybindings and such are stored locally on your WTF folder and not on the server, right?)