Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sleeping Aggro

Strange random thoughts sometimes creep into my head. Ususally a sign that I'm overly addicted to a video game. First happened when I was an early teenager playing Tetris on the NES. Got to the point that anytime I'd see a square grid pattern (such as ceramic tiles in the shower, or cinder block walls in my school) there would be moving pieces that needed to be aligned into solid rows. Probably a sign that you need to unplug for a while.

Last night, I'm laying in bed in a half dreaming / half conscious state. To set the stage a bit more, imagine a bed with me and my dog (black lab, border collie mix, cute as hell), and 6 pillows. I like to go overboard with the pillows, just so many uses for those silly things. Primary purpose of too many pillows is to allow for a continuous supply of a cold side on any given pillow, because that's what I like.

So I'm laying there half asleep, wiggling to find a cold side of a pillow to reposition under my head and a whole scene paints itself in my imagination.

I'm the dungeon boss.

The pillows are the raid group trying to take me down and get phat loot.

Among the 6 pillows, one is my favorite, its got the perfect ratio of head support to squishiness. He's the main tank. When ever possible, you want that one tanking the boss.

But the boss has different phases of fire attacks, so sometimes the main tank has to take a breather and an off tank has to step in. That's the number two pillow, with acceptable, but not quite maximum comfort.
And sometimes the fire attacks get so bad that one of the squishies gains aggro. Those are the couple of pillows that are pretty late in their life cycle and are severly lacking in the comfort, even if they do have a cold side available.

Those squishies usually get one-shotted, and end up on the floor seconds after pulling aggro. But sometimes they get a battle rez and I pick them up while half sleeping. Other times they get do a corpse run and get picked up when I wake up in the morning.

So this whole scene of the pillows actively trying to manage aggro and get the main tank back under my head is playing out in my imagination.

Where does the dog come in, you ask?

He's the huntard. He's supposed to attack from range (ie, sleep at the foot of the bed), but he's always closing in and switching to melee (ie, creeping up and trying to steal the main tank from me). Poor little pup, I actually caught him with a beast slaying enchant on his nylabone. If I could only find someone who can do Savagery, I'd show him the way.

Rescued Lab/Border Collie Mutts, FTW!!!!


Anonymous said...


I had that thing with Tetris, but not (yet) with WoW... :)

Aerislan said...

so umm...did the "raid" ever down the what loot dropped?!

Durgan said...

Read my comment under strange server, there is at least one alliance (and I'm guessing a lot more then that) that can do savagery on Terokar.

Ess said...

Ha! That is so funny... I have similar dreams about the games I'm playing, usually in the morning as I'm hitting the snooze button over and over. Every time I hit the snooze, I've found another fishing node or killed another murloc or ... they're always about the repetitive tasks in the game.

Amava said...

You cracked me up with that one. The way it played out, the players just lined up for another battle. They're a casual/hardcore raiding guild, and like to raid every night, although they always leave the boss cranky because they don't raid for long enough on a regular basis.

The winning move was when the huntard did...

/cast Puppy Dog Eyes(Rank 9)

And the boss dropped a rawhide swizzle stick. One of the pillows /rolled need but the pup won, thankfully avoiding any loot drama.

Yeah, thanks for pointing that out. I've never read the official WoW forums as the few times I've gone to them, I just get overwhelmed by the massive amounts of immaturity and other jibberish. But looking at the Terokkar realm forum, it looks pretty reasonable to read. Plus the sticky post about rare craftables, excellent information. I think I'll be checking this forum out a bit more regularly.

So I /who'd one player who's listed as having Savagery, and every time I check, she's either in Kara or ZA, so I've been bashful (strange emotion, if you know me IRL).