Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kill Boss, Leave Party

After my resto druid buddy got done with a run in kara (/jealous), we formed up a team and headed over to Mechanar for some normal mode action with our other friend, the elemental shammy. PUG'd the tank and other dps.

Wiped on maybe the second pull. In normal mode :-(

I'm still adjusting to all the new equipment that dropped for me this weekend, most notably the increased shot speed of the Skyfire Hawk-Bow, and the giant attack power increase of more than 400 points, up to 1522.

Tank couldn't hold aggro against my white damage. He had no threat meter installed, so I had to judge for myself through trial and error. Mostly error.

After that wipe, we got into an OK rythem and I figured out more or less how much Steady Shot I could weave in there and let him keep the mobs.

I occasionally check the Damage Meter report during a run. Once close to the beginning, just to see if anything's really strange right off the bat. And usually hide it and glance back at a boss, or here and there, just to see if the pattern on the first few pulls was a fluke, or if its consistent through the run.

After the first room was clear, I check the meter. I was doing 56% of party damage while chain trapping, and we were definitely struggling. At this point, I know that my data is a bit skewed, as I don't think DM incorporates damage from the warlock's pet, but it does give a general feel for how things are going.

We limp along, doing reasonably well through the trash. Hammer the first named elite without too much fuss. Proactive Feign Deaths, FTW!!!

Get to the first boss. His big thing is some pretty nasty bombs he drops, more or less right at his feet, so melee players are toast. The strat is to have the tank slowly kite him around so the bombs are always going off a bit behind the boss and hopefully anybody in melee range is safe.

Silly PUG tank doesn't want to move, and just stands there. My pet dies, I think from the very first bomb, if not, nearly instant. It happened so fast, I didn't even notice, and when I try to fire off Bestial Wrath, I'm there in wonderment at why it won't go. Glance up at my unit frame and see poor dead Cringer. I don't think I even got a shot off yet. Wipe followed pretty quickly so the pain was minimal.

Couple more tries, no movement from the tank. Grumblings of "party over" and he says ok, he'll try to move.

Before the pull, he actually goes on party chat:

Tank: we need more DPS, put your immo trap overe here [jump] [jump] [jump]
Me: what's my trap gonna do?
Tank: damage
Me: what? give him athletes foot? we havent gotten this guy down past 60% yet, get in position, i'm misdirecting
Tank: lol [fires pull shot]

Tank moved around, the boss ate dirt. Cringer died again, a little later this time (had enough time for BW). Probably due to the pet AI attacking from behind putting him right in the path of the bombs. Gimped my DPS, but we got the job done.

I ran a WWS of the run. Of particular note, on the named elite, with Cringer at full glory, 820 DPS. My name is Titan in the report.

Full Report:
Elite Fight:

I went to bed after that boss kill, with my head killing from a bad case of tanky frustration.

EDIT: after writing this, I ran Mechanar again, this time with a successful group. Must be that the named elites allow for a bit more damage than normal bosses. This time I hit 1112 DPS for that same mob. For bosses like Pathaleon the Calculator, I had a more reasonable 718 DPS.


Anonymous said...

"He had no threat meter installed, so I had to judge for myself through trial and error."

He doesn't NEED to! As long as you DO, just extend the combat log range so that you pickup his actions and YOUR threat meter will do just fine!

Amava said...

I must be doing something wrong in my Omen, because for me, the only people who show up on my threat meter are other people with a threat meter installed. If a party member I'm with doesn't have a compatible meter installed, I cannot tell how much threat they've generated. Is there a config setting to allow others to appear?

So I'm there DPS'ing, watching the bar for me, my pet, and the 2 other DPS'ers who have meters installed. That's great to know which DPS toon is generating the most threat, but if I understand aggro correctly, I'm much more interested in knowing when I exceed the tank's threat level than I am in knowing when I exceed a warlock's threat level.

This is with CLSaver extending my combat log radius to 200 meters.

TYAERA said...

since this is probably way way old and you know the better strat by now, the way to do Mechano Lord Capacitus is to stand on the stairs to tank him, while he stands off the stairs to the side of them