Monday, December 3, 2007

Spending money

This weekend was the first weekend since I bought my epic flight training. As such, I don't have any specific savings goal, and all my income is what I consider "organic". That is, I didn't do anything special to save up for my epic. Many people I know go on gold earning benders to save up for flight training or epic flight training, and once they get it, they go back to whatever their normal patterns are. Keep in mind, although I still feel pretty strongly about the basic land mount at 40, the other mounts, I'm a bit more open to people enjoying the game as they will after that, whether that leaves them rich or poor. For me, making gold has been the pattern all along, so now that the big expense is done, I figured its time to spend.

I already wrote a bit about the crafting that I did. Spent maybe 20 gold on mats for that so far. They're pretty cheep at the entry level, but are going to be big gold sinks in short order. It is really funny spending money on copper bars. Those puppies were my life blood when I first got started mining, and now I'm funding some newbie miners. The circle of life.

My AH mule's bags and bank slots are all filled up, mostly with a growing pile of greenies that won't sell and are too high for me to DE. For fun, I figured I'd form a guild so I could get the vault with its giant number of slots.

I got my charter, and then had no clue what to do to get signatures. So I became one of those pestering fools who bother everybody near the bank/mailbox in Stormwind City, begging for signatures. Because I didn't want to waste too much time, and I got gold out the ying-yang, I offered 2g for a signature. Took about a half hour, mostly just through /say'ing to the people around me, and a few whispers focused at people nearby that were without guild. Only one joker took the 2g and logged off without signing, so a handfull of gold and a little time and I've got my signatures and my new guild is formed.

Then they all quit, or I booted them, and went to buy my bank vault slots. 100g. Meh, that one annoyed me, but oh well, as I said, I was on a spending binge, so the sting wore off pretty quickly. Kind of nice, now the personal bank slots are used for the Pally's own stuff as he levels and does engineering and enchanting. And the guild vault is more used for Amava's junk that's not soulbound.

Then it was time to get rid of those lockboxes. While looking for signatures, I found a guy who was advertising for lockpicking work. I had about 20 lockboxes built up that I had been waiting for skilling up my own rogue to open. Yeah, I still haven't gotten her any lockpicking skill, I don't even know where to train in that or what level is needed to get that started, so I gave this guy my business. Tipped him 15g just for fun, he went crazy with the thanks and such, so I'm assuming that was a big tip. Cool, spread the love.

Then it was time for enchanting. Or at least trying to enchant. I started the weekend out with the plan to get 4 enchants that I needed...2H Weapon - Savagery, Boots - Dexterity, Chest - Exceptional Stats, and Cloak - Greater Agility. I had some of the mats, but needed to buy a bunch, especially the expensive shards. Spent about 400g on the remaining mats. I'll devote another post to writing about my success with finding enchanters.

Then, in a partial friends/partial PUG group for Old Hillsbrad, I saw another hunter with Valanos' Longbow. That's a bunch more DPS than the random greenie gun that I normally use, and I recently got my bow skills up to 350, so why not blow some gold on that. 80g for the bow and 15 or so on a scope and I've made a decent upgrade in my dps and some accessory stats too.

Oh yeah, and moments before I impulsively decided to buy the bow, I bought 30g in Adamantite Shells. The plan was to save them for boss fights. Use the normal vendor ammo for clearing trash and solo farming, but then pop a few stacks of the fancy stuff in the quiver for added DPS on boss fights. Yeah, so now I have about 30g in shells that I don't plan to use until I get a gun better than my new bow.

Then only big expense that I want to make that I didn't make this weekend was Primal Mooncloth Bags or a 24-slot ammo pouch/quiver. I want to get 3 of the bags (and save the fourth for if I ever get to ZA, where supposedly there's a free 20-slot bag). There was 1 bag on AH this weekend, and I was about to buy it, but there's a tailor in my guild who I'd rather give the business to, although it'll take a little bit for him to make the bags.

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Anonymous said...

"Only one joker took the 2g and logged off without signing,"

- That and people leaving to sign other charters is what made me do a different offer: 1g now, 2g more in the mail if you stay long enough to create the guild, which was around 30 minutes too, IIRC.

- About financing other miners, I see no problem in that, but you could have followed one of those guides and gathered the needed mats yourself.

- You can learn LP at 16 from your rogue trainer (from a quest) and you can check here for stuff to unlock to level up and the required skill. Like other skills, the max you can get is 5 times your level, so you may be too low level to unlock some stuff no matter how hard you try! :)
(The initial quest, if your rogue is alliance, sends you to Redridge Mountains)