Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Driving Force

So the other day, I did my big write up about BRK's search and the sense of urgency and feeling kicked in the nuts.

Then, an exhausting day or two of trying to get to the minimum requirements, and...I did it. I think.

The semi-short version...

Monday, I posted my armory profile, and BRK poo-poo'd me for missing the following requirements:

  1. Aldor Honored shoulder inscription

  2. 2H Weapon +35agi or Savagery

  3. Boots - Dexterity

  4. Cenarion Expedition Glyph of Ferocity for the helmet

Ok, so I had my work cut out for me.

First one was easy, as I had Fel Armaments in my bank, so a quick trip to Shattrath took care of that guy.

Next on my list is the enchants. I've been describing, ad nauseam, about my challenges in finding enchanters who have Savagery/+35agi/Dexterity. The official WoW realm forum for my server lists a few names, but I couldn't convince anybody on the list to do it. I was going to compromise and get the closest enchants I could. I know people who can do the +25agi 2H weapon enchant and +7agi boots. But before accepting a compromise, I spent some time combing over the armory. Found a few raiding guild leaders and whispered them to see if they knew enchanters.

Got a hit, she was online and very willing to enchant, and had 15 minutes before a raid. Quick trip back to Shatt to get my mats, and then fly out to Shadowmoon Valley for the enchants. Tipped the beejeezus out of her. Very excited at this point to see my Terokk's Quil dripping in blood.

Then the biggie. I needed close to 5K Cenarion Reputation points to hit Revered. Read up on WoWWiki for some ideas on how to accomplish that. There's some quests up in Blade's Edge Mts, runs through Steamvaults, and Coilfang Armaments (which drop in Steamvaults). On top of that, I had 2 quests in Steamvaults, and the daily 5-man dungeon quest for Tuesday was Steamvaults as well.

So I get my butt into LFG quick like a bunny and try to get a Steamvaults run going. Took some time, but luckily, I was keeping myself busy with enchants and inscriptions.

Got a group together. Ran Steamvaults. Lots of wipes, but lots of fun. Ran with my favorite bear tank and a cool healer I met this weekend. DPS was me and 2 warriors, so I was the only CC. We had a great time, and got some good rep. I sub'd out at the end so a guildie could come in and get his key frag. So nice guild rep there too :-)

Immediately after dropping group, got back in LFG for another run. Got 2 guildies to join, and found 2 others. Now we had a mage and a warlock, so CC was a bit smoother. I was group lead, so had fun marking targets. Lots more rep, and we all completed the dungeon daily quest. w00t.

All this CE action left me still with about 1.5 bars of rep until Revered, but the sun was threatening to come up soon, so I had to go to bed.

Woke up a few hours later, and jumped on questing in Blade's Edge. When I was 318 rep points away from Revered, I had to leave for work.

But, I figured I'd check AH real quick for Coilfang Armaments. They give you 75 rep for a turn-in. Quick theorycrafting (ok, so its just simple division) shows I needed 5. Check AH. There's 5!!!!!!!!!!!!


Head over to Zangarmarsh for the turn in, the glyph, and the win.

Its probably too late for the BRK search, but I'm so stoked to have come this far in this short time.

Oh yeah, and I broke my own trap, twice, during the second Stamvaults run.
/slap [target=player]

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Durgan said...

Ah the mysterious character that BRK posted about on his blog. Congrats Amava, I'm sure after BRK's last blog post your probably feeling pretty good about yourself, and as well you should.

Don't worry, I won't spill the beans.