Monday, December 3, 2007

Some post-70 goals, with a side of alts

With Amava at 70, I've got a new focus on play time.

First goal was to get together enough dough for epic flight. Ding.

Other than that, I really haven't had a prioritized list of goals, but rather just an unordered set of things I wanted to progress. Things like getting weapon skills up to max, getting recipes and cooking skill for buff foods and learning good places to farm ingredients, some very unfocused gear improvements with an aim to meeting some theoretical minimum qualifications for a beast master hunter in Karazhan, actually getting the non-theoretical, very concrete minimum qualification for Kara entry (Master's Key), and so on and so forth. Oh yeah, forgot to mention Netherwing rep, once that first goal was completed.

Seems like a lot, and there is much more out there that I have on the back burner.

But the daily routine seems to work out nicely.

When I first log in, I pretty much start out with the cooking daily quest. Serves me 3 purposes...forces me to increase my cooking skill by preparing a few items for the quest...forces me to expand my learned recipe list because so far I've needed a new recipe for each new quest...and provides a little bit of gold. Sure, I can get that much gold in a few minutes of terocone farming, but still icing on the cake.

Once cooking is done, I head over to bomb some eggs in Skettis. Works out really nicely when the cooking quest needs me to throw a chicken wing into some soup. I don't know why but in my mind, I pronounce it like "pih-Skettis" just like how a little kid might mispronounce spaghettis.

Then its off to Netherwing Ledge, farming herbs and minerals along the way. The Netherwing dailies (A) are a tedious pain in my tuckus, (B) provide a nice chunk of gold, (C) glitch like there was no tomorrow. Blizz must have outsourced the programming of this whole area to some strange and unusual development firm, because there's an uncharacteristic number of glitches in the area. (D) arent always tedious because Booterang is funny everytime I do it, (E) are moving along nicely. I'm about 3/4 of the way through Honored. (F) must be such a royal pain for a non-dps class. Every quest involves a pretty bad drop rate from mobs that take a while for me to bring down. (G) Eggs, baby, eggs! What a fun little treat when an egg pops up. I've never enjoyed finding an item in game as much as I like those eggs.

While doing the Not-So-Friendly skies, I started to use the opportunity to advance some weapons skills. I noticed that when I was standing on the little floating island, there's about 1.5 minutes between each transporter showing up. So that gives me plenty of time to burn each guy down. Rather than doing the standard pet=tank,me=ranged-attack thing, I close to melee and advance my polearms skill up. Then that got boring, so I unequipped my pole and started punching the mobs. I think I'll go buy some other weapons just for the sake of killing time and skilling up the different weapon classes.

Since the full set of daily Netherwing quests takes 2 hours or so, I end up leaving the area frequently to help guildies with what ever they've got going on (typically a group quest that only takes a few minutes) or an instance run invite shows up. The latter has also helped me with another goal...and I now have the Master's Key. Got a sweet group together for Old Hillsbrad and helped Thrall fulfill his destiny. Then a run through Black Morass and the totally awesome fight that opens up Medivh to talk to you.

With all this going on, its amazing that I found myself with some time to spare. That's where my promise of a side of alts comes in. But this post is too long already, so the alts will get their own.

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