Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Enchants and other Equipment Upgrades

This is less of a blog entry, and more of a reference sheet for me. If you find it useful, or notice something giant missing, let me know. It is definitely a work in progress, and if all goes according to plan, I'll be updating this entry over and over, and will perhaps make it a "sticky" entry with its own link on the side of the blog. This is intended to replace the 3 page hard copy that sits on my desk with a growing number hand written notes scratched on it.

As of the current edition (11/28/07), this is limited to only enchants, and does not include leather armor packs, inscriptions (such as you can get from Aldor), or gems, or any others. Plus, it only covers the slots I know about enchants for, so I probably missed some. I'll update as I come across them.






2H Weapon

For any of you who got to watch as I posted and re-posted about 50 times, I was trying to figure out how to make the new style wowhead link for an enchant rather than an item. I have it working for items (ie Terokk's Quill), but not for spells (ie Enchant Bracer - Assault). I decided to just list them out for now, sans fancy links.


Anonymous said...

"I was trying to figure out how to make the new style wowhead link for an enchant rather than an item. I could not figure it out, so I'll continue on without fancy links for now."

- Are you talking about Powered by Wowhead?

If that's the case, all you need is to go to "Customize" -> "Edit HTML". Then locate the </head> and before that one, type in that sentence that is listed on the powered by wowhead page...

I just checked mine, and found a small difference from what's listed there: I don't use the </script> part...

Anonymous said...

Just checked your page's source.

You may need to remove the lines between

<!-- BEGIN - WoW Item Popup v1.3 --> <style type='text/css'>


<!-- END - WoW Item Popup v1.3 -->

as the two popups may be conflicting with each other...

Amava said...


I have the new style popup working for items, but not for enchants. Items link to while enchants link to

The items are working just fine (look at my post "I opened the window....", I updated it to all new style links).

Not sure if the popup is supposed to work for spells or not, but it would seem silly. But when I view source html for wowhead's enchant bracer - assault page, they actually include the code for the popup in-line, rather than using their own new style popup's so who knows if its even possible.

Amava said...

oops, not the page I linked to at wowhead, but rather the search results that provide me a link to that page...

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a bug then! Report it pointing them to your page: they work fast and nice! I don't have any spell link on any of my posts so far, otherwise I would report it. Just e-mail them using the feedback link and explain the problem. I'm pretty sure it will be fixed in a day or two!

Amava said...

Yeah, I posted a comment at their forum where they explained to the world how the linking should work. Hopefully they'll either have a fix, or just inform me of the correct way to get the existing behavior to work right. Either way, its not of huge importance. Time to check to see if my server is back up after their "quick" patch this morning to correct arena titles or something.

Amava said...

Just to beat it to's the forum page with my comment

Amava said...

Ha. Just a few minutes have passed since I posted at wowhead, and there's already a reply. Spells are not supported at this time but will be added "soon". So for now I put my links in using the same style, hoping that when they add the support, it'll magically start working.

/cast cross fingers

Anonymous said...

You can avoid this by posting the formula for the enchant you want to apply, ie for showing an agility enchant for boots.

Durgan and Pudding, Terrokar

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