Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Burned out Main

Like I said earlier, Amava saw only a tiny bit of action this weekend. I logged in, and finished a few Sporegarr quests in Zangarmarsh. Then sat there wondering what to do. Literally, just sat there, totally stunned into inaction. I decided to go sniff around Shattrath City for a little bit. Stumbled upon a gem vendor, and bought 3 gems for my leggings. 6 gold well spent. I think. Wandered around Shattrath some more, getting lost and trying to find my way randomly around. Got bored.

I know I need to just abandon a bunch of my old Azeroth quests to make room for a new zone like Terokkar Forest or some such, but I just had zero motivation to play Amava.

Why not try to get a run through Blood Furnace? I've got 2 quests in there and I've never been inside. 5 people from the guild were running BRD, and there was a couple of guildies on who weren't in there. So I threw the idea out to the rest.

Immediate response from a Holy Priest, which makes my day. Then a warrior responds. Outstanding. In my experience, getting the tank and healer are the tough parts. I was in the fortunate position of now needing just 2 DPS'ers. Not usually tough to find. And I'm excited to run with at least 3 of us from the guild. One of the guys knew a rogue who wanted in. Then I used the LFM thing and found exactly 1 person who wanted any of the level 60-65 outlands instances. Only 1. And this is in a pretty prime time for playing. Shadow priest. Had a bit of a discussion with the Holy priest who didn't want the other priest, but I was able to parley it into an invite. And we made the roles clear that the Shadow guy was here for DPS and the Holy guy was here for tanking.

Ok, kidding, but I think you know what the holy priest was here for. Shadow guy was totally on board with the idea.

How pathetic am I (rhetorical, no need to answer)? I was so excited to even find 4 others who wanted to run. I think either me or my server must be messed up. Maybe its me, who knows. But on the general channel, there were people complaining all weekend about how messed up the server is, whether about the economy being screwy, or the lack of good guilds (besides the hardcore raiding guilds), or the lack of people wanting to group up. Oh well, more about that on my alt-itis post to come later.

The holy priest says he's been through blood furnace lots of times, so I make him leader so he can mark the targets.

Basic plan is to use rogue sap where possible, with my freezer traps as necessary. Icons are assigned and communicated out by the leader.

That's cool so far. I'm glad to just be around a few other people who consider it important to talk about even this tiny bit of strategy before entering. Rock n Roll!! I did ask about pulling, but there was no real plan there. Hmmm?

We enter the instance.

Upon entering, you've got two relatively closely packed groups of humanoids. Icons go up for the pack to the right. Rogue stealths and starts to approach...WHAM...warrior charges and starts the fight, before the sap. 3 wipe and 2 of us leave the instance.

Ok, perhaps it was an accident, or maybe the tank just doesn't know that sap has to happen before the target mob is in combat. So we politely let him know.

Back into the instance. Icons go up, rogue stealths...WHAM...warrior charge. We wipe.

Now the party chat is a drop less polite.

Attempt 3. Icons go up, rogue stealths....WHAM...charge. Walk back from grave again (perhaps the only time that I'm glad I'm a night elf, as I run past all my party mates and get to my corpse fastest).

This time the leader is pretty far from polite. Ok, we're going to try 1 more time...don't charge until you see "PULL" in party chat.

You can see where this is going. 4th wipe and disband group. But not until after the Holy and Shadow priests give the tank a 15 minute text beating. Really unfortunate, but this guy had no clue, either about WoW, or about basic listening skills. I can forgive the WoW knowledge part, perhaps he just didn't know. But the listening part, well, that wasted 45 minutes of my time.

On the lighter side of things, I did spend a while after that questing with the shadow priest and rogue. I had already completed all those quests (pretty much done with non-instance quests on Hellfire Peninsula), but I was trying a new philosophy of just being self-lessly helpful for these guys. Had some fun, and got on the friends list of another healer, which is always good in my mind. Also learned who NOT to go into an instance with, which is also good. Too bad he's in my guild.


Anonymous said...

"Stumbled upon a gem vendor, and bought 3 gems for my leggings. 6 gold well spent. I think."

- I'd say you were ripped off! Let's imagine you bought 3 gems with +4 AGI for 2g each: you could get 3 gems from AH with +6 AGI for 1.5-2 g each (that's the price on Wildhammer-EU), so, yes, you probably were ripped off by the vendor! :)

Anonymous said...

"And we made the roles clear that the Shadow guy was here for DPS and the Holy guy was here for tanking."

You mean, "healing", right? I've heard of mage-tanks, but healer-tanks? :)

(I later saw the "Ok Kidding", but I had already typed the above text and didn't feel like deleting it! :) )

As for the tank issue, that would surely qualify for a /gkick... Come-on: like you said it, one can excuse wow-ignorance, but not being plain-old-dumb! Maybe he's just a 6 yo who thinks he knows better when he can't even see what's happening, maybe hes just a retard, but whatever he is, he should have been kicked out and publicly humiliated! 4 wipes at start because a guy doesn't WANT to listen?

Anonymous said...

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Amava said...

Ripped off????!!! Oh man!!! I hate getting ripped off. In truth, it was a pure impulse buy. I knew I needed gems, and I wanted them semi-quickly, because I didn't want to continue gem-less. And I was in a bit of an analysis paralysis situation...too much thinking about gems, not enough equipping of gems. And I had a fat wad of petty cash on hand (was actually in the process of looking for a mailbox to send my excess dough to my bank mule), so the 6g won't be missed. Or the 4.5-6g that I'll have to spend to replace them with more suitable or powerful gems. But thanks for the comments, I'm finding them pretty helpful.