Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mano a Mano

In my journey to 68 (at the time), I think I had duel'd another player, maybe 3 times in total. I just don't really like doing it. I'm not sure why, but it just feels way too much like the "lets see who's got the bigger one" mentality that I tried to leave in the Jr. High School basketball locker room of my wonder years.

Let me tell you...I've got the bigger one. And I don't need to prove it to you.

At least that's what I tell myself. But in fact, its probably because I'm a hugely insecure sore loser, and since I'm already convinced that I've got the bigger one, there's no satisfaction in victory. But if I lose, then there's bitterness and anger at your little one besting my big thick juicy one. So dueling is not something I do, very little upside for me, semi-large childish down side. I avoid it.

On saturday, we had a guild meeting scheduled. Everybody meet in Goldshire, and even though we could just do a chat scattered all around the WoW universe, take the 5 minutes to get to Goldshire, and we'll get to see the team all nice and shiny together. Was pretty cool, too, to see the team like that. About 30 members all organized in a circle in the heart of Goldshire. Everybody passing by was like "woah" when they saw us. But then again, it was mostly levels 1-20 passing by, and at that point in my career, I was impressed with the level 1 squirrels hopping about, so I guess that's not too much of a compliment.

Either way, I knew going in, that with this guild meeting, there would be a bit of down time while we waited for everyone to show up, and in down time, people duel.

I told myself that I wouldn't decline any duels, regardless of class or level of the challenger, as long as they were from my guild and not a passer by. Next thing you know, all the guildies get fired up and you see duel after duel going on. I'm just sitting there on top of a fence, scratching Ruby behind her ears how she likes.

Then the challenge comes.

Paladin, same level as me. Ok, I have no idea what to do in a duel, so I'll just try to wing it. I figured it can't hurt to have a freezer trap down, so I drop one. I back away, he instantly steps into it. Sweet. So I back up to max range with him helplessly watching.

Aimed Shot...crit - 1427

Steady Shot...crit - 618

Arcane Shot...crit - 741

Pally eats dirt

It was over so quickly, I didn't even have a chance to pop bestial wrath, and forgot to use any attack power trinkets.

Pally said "lol" and ran off.

I don't think I want to duel anymore.

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Anonymous said...

"But if I lose, then there's bitterness and anger at your little one besting my big thick juicy one."

Hmm, we could do with fewer descriptive words in there or else this may look something other than a WoW blog! :) Also, adding that many words will probably mean that it may not be like that at all! Stop day-dreaming! :)

But, on the dueling subject, I too have dueled VERY few times. Usually, some random guy pops up the duel, I cancel, then he re-pops duel, I set ignore on him them cancel.
If he talks before or after the first request and tries to "persuade" me into it, then I may give it a go.

I've found dueling in my hunter a bit more satisfying than on my druid, particularly because the very few druid duels I did were done when I knew very little of the game!

On my hunter, OTH, I've had success beating up other hunters and rogues quite a few levels higher than me!

But, overal, WoW is a PvE game for me. I don't even PvP and the most kills I had was on a Southshore raid on my druid when I was resto! :)

I have been tempted to PvP, especially when looking at some rewards, but I've passed on that so far. Maybe one day!