Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What's the opposite of Burnout?

Whatever the opposite of burnout is, I have it. All gung-ho for Amava. Probably because I spent a bunch of time away from WoW this weekend. Went on a road trip, saw Dane cook in concert, laughed my butt off. Totally forgot about WoW for 2 awesome days.

Just when I thought I had cleaned out Zangarmarsh of quests, I ran into the Orebore Harborage, and got a whole bunch of new quests. And a new flight path. Very cool.

Ding 65

Aimed Shot gets the talent point, so I took a quick portal to Stormwind to talk to the hunter trainer there so I could buy all the ranks of my new skill, plus an upgrade to immolation trap. That's the first hunter skill upgrade that came to me on an odd numbered level that I can remember.

So perhaps now I can consider Zangarmarsh done until I decide to do Sporegarr or Cenarion rep? Time will tell.

I then went on to some Shattrath City quests for the Aldors. I totally mis-read the clues in the quest, and also in the thottbot write up about the quest, and I navigated all over northern Nagrand. Just love the sky there. Outland in general has really cool looking skies. After a bit of grumbling because things just didn't look right, I realized that the quest took place in Terokkar Forest, and so my galavanting around Nagrand was not getting me anywhere.

BUT, my trip through Nagrand was so lucrative its not even funny. Dual Gatherer, FTW!!!! Lots of minerals, and herbs. And then the continuous drops of various Motes of whatever. And a couple of bonus Fel Lotus and Eternium Ores in the herb and mineral nodes I was getting. Love it.

Ding 2000g

Ended up getting 40% of the way through 65 also, and then my rested XP bonus dried up, and I feel normal.

Oh yeah, and I'm thinking the answer to the title question is motivation.


Anonymous said...

"That's the first hunter skill upgrade that came to me on an odd numbered level that I can remember."

You either have a bad memory or haven't change habits and kept checking trainer on even levels only!
In TBC levels (read: 61-70), you get something new or better for every class on EVERY ding...

Papewaio (Blackhand) said...

What someone said...

You can train a new or updated ability at every level from 61-70.

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