Saturday, November 10, 2007

Blogger's Remorse

Ok, its not really "remorse", but due to the fact that I can view my blog during the day, but not update it, when I find errors, or when Someone helpfully points things out to me, and I can't fix them until later, I get antsy.

Did I mess up? In my earlier posts, I was referring to the boss in Blood Furnace as Magtheridon. But then I was reading a post on Altitis where he refers to the boss as Keli'dan. I could have sworn that the warning shouts and taunts that kept showing up in the dungeon chat were coming from someone named Magtheridon. I'll have to research it when I get home. Either that or hopefully a reader will comment, because perhaps that's a blazing error on my part.

Hmmm. Looks more and more like an error on my part. Of course, while at work I can only see the tiny snippets that google search results display for most wow sites, and the actual site gets blocked. But it looks like Magtheridon lives in his Lair, and not the Blood Furnace.

I'm a silly goose.

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Gwaendar said...

No remorse needed, you weren't the only one fooled.

Next time you're in there, look out for one of the early corridors where you find a warlockish orc surrounded by several imps. Once this is cleared, go to the ledge and look down. You'll see the area where Keli'dan waits for you.

But look further down. Below the floor something lurks...