Thursday, November 8, 2007


Nope, not talking about a companion to Nethergarde Bitter or some other Dwarven beverage.

I'm talking about lag and latency.

Tuesday night was the first time I've ever experienced anything other than near perfect connectivity.

I don't have frame rate numbers to post, but the little colored indicator on the default Blizz UI was turning red and yellow, when its never been anything besides solid green for me.

Pretty annoying. In Blood Furnace, as a pull would evolve, I had a really tough time switching targets as we burned them down in order. Just some really strange effects.

Then I start reading blogs wednesday morning. Seems that lots of people are writing about lag tuesday night.

What's the deal? Is the 2.3 patch download or preparation causing extra load on the servers or something?

By the end of the night it seemed to clear up, but that was pretty annoying. In PvE, it was bearable, but if that were happening in BG, it would pretty much ruin the experience.

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Ess said...

My lag started getting worse following the last patch in October. I also started getting disconnected frequently, almost always on the elevator in the UC or the lift going up to Freewind Post. (I know this isn't a problem with my internet connection either, since my husband, who was online at the same time, does not get disconnected.) Most of the time, I'd survive the fall in the UC upon reconnection, but the Freewind Post fall always resulted in death, followed by a lengthy body retrieval run all the way from the Great Lift. Once I got disconnected three times in succession trying to get up to Freewind. Arrrrgh. I've heard others in my guild complain about the same phenomenon, so it must be a glitch in the game. I really hope it gets fixed in the next patch.

Anyway, I feel your pain. It's really frustrating, particularly if you're in an instance, and the lag is delaying your actions during combat.