Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I opened the window.....

.....and Influenza.

Since last Wednesday, I've been laid up with the flu. Had to cancel Thanksgiving travel plans to see family. Had to cancel business travel to see colleagues. Got so bad that I couldn't even log in to WoW, even just to check auctions, for a few days. Those of you who share in this obsession can understand just how severe an illness needs to be to make you want to not even log in.

Just about better now, thanks for asking :-)

However, during the time I was feeling up to it, had some major lvl 70 action going on.


  1. Master's Key - I got the 3 key fragments to the key to Karazhan. Still need to help Thrall escape from Old Hillsbrad and then run through Black Morass. Lots of fun and good quality time with some guildies.
  2. [Terokk's Quill] - She be mine!
  3. Money Money Money - She be flowin' in! I found my 2 favorite mining and herbing circuits, one in Hellfire Peninsula that I call the Fertile Crescent (since it's shaped like a crescent, naturally) and another in Terokkar Forest that I call Terocone Terrace (this one got a name just so it wouldn't feel left out since the crescent got a cute name, but it is chock full of Terocones). Gathering via flying mount is so nice.
  4. Got a new Kitty, more specifically a Blackwind Sabercat from the mountains in Terokkar Forest - yes, he's occasionally big and red, but not named Hobbes. Ruby, my Ashmane Boar, has now taken a nice spot in the stable. The DPS is very, very nice. Now I just need to learn how to cook him some tasty treats.
  5. Finally got my Fishing over 200, so I was able to discard my [Blump Family Fishing Pole] and equip my [Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole]. What's the deal with the +52 stamina? Is that for PvP realms, in case you get jumped while fishing?

I'm sure there's more, but through my still groggy eyes, that's all I can see for now. Oh yeah, there is one more thing, but that'll have its own post...


Anonymous said...

That fishing pole was at one time my druid's main weapon! Being feral, the DPS doesn't count and before I could get a better one, I'd use that one for the +52 STA! :)

Glad to see you're better now!

pelides said...

Wow Amava! You hit 70 and just go nuts! Hee hee!