Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Continuity Problems

What a weekend!

I'm thinking that a "nutshell" post is in order, and then as my mood suits me, details on some of the more interesting parts.

Ok, firstly, Amava only saw a little action. She's at 63, about 75% of the way to 64. I'm suffering from burnout on her. I've completed pretty much all of the quests in Zangarmarsh that I can, I've reached honored with Cenarion Expedition, and also got some decent rep with Sporegarr. I found myself on friday night sitting in Shattrath City, actually stunned into inaction. I have no idea what I want to do next. I know a bit about the things that are available, but I'm just burned out on driving Amava to 70. So she'll sit for a few days, building up rested XP bonus, and then I'm sure I'll be gung-ho about her again.

Next on the list...How does Amava write and post these blog entries? I'm glad you asked. Its funny actually, but I'll try to keep this nutshell-ish rather than go on and on. I work a normal office job roughly 9:00-5:00, and my employer has various firewalls and proxies to limit where you can surf. Probably a good idea, because even with that in place, I can still find a way to burn the hours :-).

Either way, before starting this blog, I tested it out to be sure I could do it from work. You know...while I'm on a "break". Right! Cool, the blogspot thing is accessible, so I start up the blog. Literally the next day, the login to any of the blogspot sites is blocked, so I can read them, but not post. I work in a HUGE company, so there's no way they were looking at my activity and blocked it the day after I accessed it. Must be coincidence that they just applied a new update to the proxy blacklist or something. I rarely believe in coincidence, but I'll go with that theory for now.

So continuing on, I read blogs in my random spare time during the day, and then write up my responses to other people's blogs and my own postings and email them home. Then at home, post them. That works ok, unless I forget to email them home. Or if I email them home and then get too excited about actually playing wow, and forget to do my postings.

Long story short, I had like 6 responses and 3 postings ready to post on friday, but forgot to mail them home. So there might be some continuity issues with my postings over the next few days. Please feel free to point them out, and I'll dodge with an excuse or two.

The last bit to talk about is my huge case of alt-itis that I came down with this weekend. I think that'll get its own post, because it was a really intense case of the disease, but I had a ton of fun.

I think I'll just leave it there and go ahead and write up what I consider to be the more interesting tidbits.

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