Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I once was blind...

And now I have blurry vision, but its a hell of a lot better than none at all.

Lightheaded and TomTom

A match made in heaven.

Based on comments by Someone and an anonymous one, I went ahead and installed Lightheaded and TomTom addons.

All I can say is "wow"!!!!!

Ironic that I find this when I'm on the doorstep of 70, because what a nice tool for questing.

Here's how I used to do questing...

I use MonkeyQuest addon because its a much less intrusive view of your quest log. I reduce the font and window size so it doesnt take up that much screen real estate, plus its semi-opaque so you can still see what's going on behind it. The other nice thing is that MonkeyQuest shows you your progress for the quest goals persistently, as opposed to the Blizzard notices that show up on the screen as you make progress, but then fade away.

When ready to begin questing, I'd pretty much just pick the first quest on the list for the zone I was working in. They're default ordered by quest level, and then alphabetically by title. So the end result is that there's not a real reason for picking my next quest, just a way to keep moving.

Once I chose a quest, if it wasn't pretty obvious from the quest text itself, I'd hit thottbot on my other computer and look up the quest. The nice part of thottbot is they have screenshot maps of nearly every mob or item with icon indicators of locations on the map. Plus you get other player comments for the more complex or confusing quests.

Then comes Lightheaded and TomTom.

First is Lightheaded. This guy provides a window right in your WoW screen that downloads the player comments for quests from Very nice addition, saving me of having to switch keyboards and accessing thottbot (which is a sometimes slow site) on my (always slow) other computer.

Second is TomTom. This little beauty allows you to add way-points to your map so you can have visual indicators of where you're headed.

The true beauty is in the integration. When you have them both installed, Lightheaded parses any map coordinates from user comments, and makes them click-able. When you click, a way-point is added to TomTom for the location. Icing on the cake is that the way-point contains annotation of what the location is for, making it really easy to distinguish between a bunch of quest locations you added at the same time.

I have yet to really start gaining efficiency in overlapping simultaneous quests, but my initial reaction after my first evening is that this will revolutionize how I do my questing, in a similar way that Auctioneer revolutionized my view of the in-game economy and AH.


Horns said...

You can also use DoubleWide, which goes well with Lightheaded - it splits your quest log into two parts, one for the list of quests, and the other for description.

*look at me advertising my site*
You can see some screenshots here

Anonymous said...

Always happy to "show the light"! :)

And don't worry: between alts and the gazillion of outlands quests you still have left to do (I doubt that you managed to even clear the top 3 zones for quests!), and now with ! popping up as you fly through a quest hub, you'll still put LH to a good use!

Having a limited schedule myself, I found that using LH would simply make me have a better night playing by eliminating most of the excessive run!

Anonymous said...

glad I helped:)