Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Disposable Gem Choices

Those of you following along here know I'm a recent addition to the community of WoW'ers who are looking for gems to put in their socketed equipment.

In some awesome replies to that posting, you guys gave me a bunch of resources to get more info about what's out there. Thanks a ton, you're really helping me out with that stuff.

At level 63, I still view nearly all my equipment as disposable. Through questing and more and more instancing, I know none of my equipment will be here for long, so I'm not interested in a huge investment. But I do want to fill those sockets. I'm going to try to stick with Someone's recommendation to go with green/uncommon gems for a decent value. If I get a piece of equipment that's really cool and will stick with me for a while, maybe I'll consider rare or epic gems, but not yet. You can be sure that if I equip something that I think is in that category, I'll post it here to get your ideas :-)

I went to Xornot's site, and through a couple of steps, I narrowed the list to this. I limited my options to only green/uncommon, suitable for a red/blue/yellow socket (since my leggings have 1 of each), and needing to give me bonus to crit rating, hit rating, agility, or attack power. I did look at a threat reducer and shot speed enhancer, but those looked weird so I left them off the list.

Here's what I found:

  • Yellow Smooth Golden Dranite (uncommon) +6crit
  • Yellow Rigid Golden Dranite (uncommon) +6hit
  • Orange (Red/Yellow) Glinting Flame Spessarite (uncommon) Red=+3hit Yellow=+3agi
  • Purple (Blue/Red) Balanced Shadow Draenite (uncommon) Blue=+6ap Red=+4sta
  • Red Bright Blood Garnet (uncommon) +12ap
  • Purple (Blue/Red) Infused Shadow Draenite (uncommon) Blue=+6ap Red=+1mp5
  • Orange (Red/Yellow) Wicked Flame Spessarite (uncommon) Red=+3crit Yellow=+6ap
  • Red Delicate Blood Garnet (uncommon) +6agi
  • Purple Glinting Flame Spessarite (uncommon) Red=+3hit Yellow=+3agi
  • Purple Shifting Shadow Draenite (uncommon) Blue=+3agi Red=+4sta

I can only equip three, so which ones would benefit me the most?

In actuality, I'll probably end up with anything I can find on AH, so any planning my choice is iffy at best. But in an ideal world where they were all available, which ones?

If you couldnt tell yet, I'm no theorycrafter.

Looks like ideal situation would have me go thusly:

  • Red -> Bright Blood Garnet, for the +12ap
  • Blue -> Either Balanced Shadow Draenite or Infused Shadow Draenite, for the +6ap that either would give me in a blue socket
  • Yellow -> Smooth Golden Dranite, for the +6crit

What do yu guys think? Make sense? I'm not purposely favoring the ones with attack power, but it seems that the higher numbers are better than the smaller agility increases? I'm not exactly sure how those ratings relate to one another. Plus, I'm not sure how much +hit rating to pursue.

The quandries we end up in, you know?

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