Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Peaceful Co-existance

And now for the feel-good story of the week...

I play Alliance. I'm supposed to hate Horde.

I'm on a PvE server, so perhaps that lesson hasn't sunk in so deep. I do hate Horde, when I'm on BG, but I haven't been there since 39.

In Zangarmarsh sunday night, I was trying to collect Chieftain Mummaki's Totem. As I was approaching his tower, I see another guy heading in. I try to whisper him to group up. I select him, right click on his unit frame expecting a menu to drop down. Nada.

Hmm. Things have been a little funky with the UI since 2.2 came out, and these sorts of situations are not completely surprising. De-select him and try again. Ok, just be a glitch. Let me explicitly type his name to whisper him. It tells me there's no player by that name. Ok, he's got a kind of funkily spelled name (yes, that is a word, as of now) so I probably mangled it. Try again, with special care to spelling. Same result.

A closer inspection shows him to be a Blood Elf. Ahhhh. I saw the ears and figured he was my brother. But then I saw the eyes, and instead of the happy whimsical eyes of a Night Elf, he has the evil look of the Blood Elf. That explains that.

So now its on. Its so on. I want the Chieftain. I'm not going to let some silly Hordie get him first. You can tell he's thinking the same thing, and we both race up the stairs. Get to the top at the same time. Spin around real fast, and spot the mob. Ha, ranged attack rules, and I nail the guy with the first shot, and so he's mine. Boom boom boom, and the chief and his guards all go down fast. Collect the quest items and some other book I needed for a different quest.

Then my compassion kicked in. I felt bad for the guy, and although it wasnt 100% ninja because we both had the same sort of chance, I did have a slight feeling of the ninja.

So I ran over next to him and sat down. He sat down. We smoked a peace pipe.

The Chieftain and his guards spawned. I let the BElf judge some seal on the guy, then proceeded to clean house.

He collected his quest items, bowed to me and jumped off the tower.

Fun helping out another player, Horde or otherwise.


Anonymous said...

I have a hard time playing horde especially because when I see an Undead (which for some weird balance reason is not classified as such in game!), all I want is to remove the "Un" from him... But I've been helped and even helped some Trolls, Taurens or Orcs before. I also play on a PvE realm and don't do PvP at all... :)
Now I'm playing a couple of Blood Elfs but don't want to think when I start getting out of Ghostlands! It's already "weird" to be talking to Undead NPCs and getting quests from them!

Kestrel said...

There've been a few times when I've helped out the Horde--generally, Orcs or Taurens, and the rare Troll. I'm with someone on the undead though (and similarly for Belfs, when I'm playing a NE).

Pike said...

Heehee. I remember one time I helped a level 10 blood elf get through stranglethorn vale... I hopped off my mount and ran along side him the whole way, keeping monsters off of him. Later he surprised me by getting on to an alliance character and giving me a nice tip for my services. Kindness goes a long way! =)