Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Faster than a speeding bullet

As I said earlier, since I got my flying mount, the gold's just been flying in. Gathering Herbs and Minerals was never so easy.

Or so I thought.

With the epic speed, I can cover an entire zone in a few minutes, zig-zagging all over the place. My only limit is my bag space. I checked the AH and there was only one of those nifty primal mooncloth bags with their sweet 20 slots. Available for bid at 350g and buyout for 400g, which my auctioneer says the market price is around 375g. I didn't buy it yet, I want to check with the couple of tailors in my guild to see if they know how to make them. If I'm payin' any way, I'd rather they get the skill point instead of some random person.

This puppy is so fast, I actually have trouble controlling it as I come in for a landing, especially when dive bombing through the trees in Terokkar Forest, straight down onto some unsuspecting herb. I hit the ground and then slide 5 meters.

I got the epic mount 1 week and 3 hours after I dinged 70.
Dual Gatherer, FTW!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...


It will be a way for me since I'm a dual-spender! :) Also, I'm a lot of an alt-aholic and really hate end-game as it's designed. Sure, I've been in some end-game content back at 60, and it's really cool when you down a hard boss and even cooler if you had to try him a few times until you get to know how to do it, but the endless "farming" for the gear drops that will all be replaced when the next expansion comes... No thanks: I've been burnt on that one before!