Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Burned out on your main? Why not roll an alt? Or 8 alts?

That's what I figured I'd do. I do have an existing alt, a Dwarf Paladin. He normally serves as my AH mule and banker (he's actually the rich one, Amava only carries the petty cash). He's an enchanter for DE purposes on trash greens that wont sell on AH, so a month or so ago, I levelled him up to 20 to allow for expert training in enchanting. Really did not enjoy playing the Pally. Now its not a real fair sample, because when I did play him, it wasn't out of desire to play him, it was out of desire to have my enchanting skill bump from 150 to 225. Mostly solo work, which was really like watching paint dry.

So no playing the pally.

What to do? Something in my head snapped and I decided I wanted a whole sh!t house of alts. Lots of classes, both factions, more servers. I really went on a bender. You should have seen me, I'm sure it was a funny sight.

The first thing going through my head was that I want to get some exposure to other classes, or more importantly, party roles. That means I want a tank and a healer, since I've already got my hunter for DPS. So I whipped together a Draenei priest (more on that in the next post) and a Human warrior. Fell in love with the priest (like I said, more on that later). Kinda enjoyed the warrior. Granted, it was only from lvl 1-5, and there's only like 3 or 4 capabilities to use, but I did like getting exposed to the concept of Rage and holding a shield. Very unintuitive for someone who was born and raised a mana user who is squishy.

I also hate asking people to unlock boxes for me, so I rolled a Gnome rogue. She's so cute, looks like Punky Brewster (who by the way, I had a huge crush on when I was a little tike). So any strange childhood fantasy aside, I mostly plan to play her to get a feel for a rogue's combo moves, and also to level her lockpicking.

Then I thought some more for a little while. I've been having issues with my server. Not technical issues, but just the player base. Seems that there's always constant complaining on the general channel about the server. So to see if this is truely characteristic of my server, or if its just the normal venting of a ubiquitous disgruntled few, I figured I'd try another server.

The only RL friends I have who play WoW are on Kael'thas. And they play Horde. Tauren shammy and hunter.

Very cool. So I went over there and whipped out a Tauren Druid, to hopefully tank with my friends some day, if I ever decide to spend time on that user. Of course, they just hit 70 within the past few weeks, so it'll be a while before we actually play together, but such as it is. I intended only on creating the toon, and then getting into an Inn to start building up rested XP. On my way to Thunder Bluff, I died a few times, right outside the village that's near the Tauren start point. So I levelled him up to 6 and then made it safely to Thunder Bluff. Trained in Herbalism and Skinning. Never did skinning before, so that was kinda fun. Plus, a new faction on a new server meant that my Auctioneer had no data, so I had to do a scan to find out what the stack of light leather I gathered along the way was worth. 43 silvers. w00t. I'm off to a great start.

I also threw an Orc warrior, Troll Hunter, Blood Elf rogue, and Undead priest on there. Ran them each to an Inn without any real playing. Just to generate some rested XP for if and when I decide to play them. I LOVED seeing Orgrimmar for the first time, just looks so cool as you approach from the south.

You'll notice a pretty much total lack of any pure DPS casters. I dont know why, but I'm just not interested in that. At least for now. But I do want to try out a shammy, they seem pretty cool, but my friend is one, so I'll stick to the Druid first. Also, rogue. I dont know why, but I've no interest in rogues, other than for the lockpicking aspect.

So now, what ever mood I'm in, which faction I'm feeling like, what character style I want, I'll have someone with rested XP bonus to make the grind a drop less tedious. Add to that the 2.3 changes to XP between level 20-60, and we'll see where following my nose leads me.


Pike said...

I have a difficult time playing any melee class myself... =P gimme range!

Anonymous said...

My top hated (from a playing POV) classes:

1) Shamman: waaaay too many totems to choose from!

2) Paladin: what the heck were they thinking in creating a char with NO decent ranged attacks nor possibility of using ranged weapons? I don't want to "rush-in" as if I were a warrior! And 10 min buffs? Come-on!

3) Warrior: don't know exactly why, but simply can't get the hand of playing a warrior.

4) Rogues: Kind of a Kitty Druid, but without the options to pop into bear/healer mode when needed! :) (My current main bank char is a 51 rogue!)

5) From here on, I've played/play all others. Holy priests while solo-leveling aren't fun, and shadow-priests don't get much dungeon invites, so my priest is also a lowish 22 or such...