Thursday, November 15, 2007

Feelings on the Dead Zone with 2.3

Quite noticable change with patch 2.3 is the reduced hunter dead zone. I'm actually
not certain where I stand on this.

From one perspective, I like it because now I can deliver my damage over a much wider range of mob distances. There will be less scrambling backwards to allow myself to open fire. In tight quarters like caves or instances, there will be much more terrain, positions, and time available for me to do "ranged" damage.

There's a big part of me that doesn't like the change.

I think the dead zone was part of the challenge of being a hunter, and was a big differentiator between melee hunters and hunters who understand that max damage is delivered from range. Now, with no thought or understanding, a very unsklled hunter can still deliver max damage while standing on the feet of the mob.

I guess good PvE hunters will still be backing up as often as possible, to stay out of melee range and keep the aggro gain threshold where it belongs, at 130%.

I'm not really into PvP, and I'm betting my opinion would be dramatically if I were.


Anonymous said...

I like the new range, but unfortunately they seem to use this patch to "fix" something that was already a de-facto with hunters: double-trapping, so my biggest use for no deadzone, soloing instances, is now out the window as that's pretty harsh to do without double-trapping...

Of course, thinking on a cool head, I *do* understand the reason: no other class can use the same ability to CC two mobs/players at once... (Fear is not really a CC in my book, especially in crowded spaces!)

I understand, but I don't like it. I'm going to play my alt (non-hunters) for a while and see if I can get back to enjoy hunters again after this change and after this feeling wears off... :(

Kestrel said...

I never could figure out the double-trapping mechanic. I assume, from the little I've seen, that one could lay two traps at once, and hold two mobs. But my experience has always been that when the second trap is triggered, the first was automatically broken.