Thursday, November 1, 2007


I'm lovin' me some Zangarmarsh.

I just really like the zone so far. The strange debuff that those bumblebees put on Ruby (my pet Boar) is just a sweet visual effect.

I'm a big fan of Cenarion Expedition, and its my first real taste of reputation (sure there was that Magram quest line in Desolace, and a little taste for rep with Argent Dawn, but nothing too notable there). Fun to see the vendor's items change from red to actually purchasable as my rep lvl's up. Of course, none of the items are of particular use to me, but just fun to see things happen. Also the master cook book is here. My cooking is semi-stuck at 279 and has been for a little while. I should probably just suck it up and go to Azshara where the Nagas drop zesty clam meat which is one of the ingredients to the remaining recipe I have that will give me skill. I also have a recipe for cooking Winter Squid, but I'm not sure when winter starts in the WoW universe, and I'm not sure what waters I can fish to get winter squid. Need to do something though, because I've got some recipes and a stack or two of ingredients waiting for when I turn 300.

Ding 63

One of the things I've been liking in Zangarmarsh is how I've found it really easy to work 2 or 3 quests simultaneously. I find that each time I head back to the Cenarion Expedition in the east part of the zone, I've got 3 quests ready to turn in. Very nice jump in XP and quest rewards.

Something else that the zone is showing me is the benefits of only choosing one of herbalism or mining. I haven't seen any mineral veins in Zangarmarsh, so I only keep track herbs active. Much less stress as I run about. But the money is so sweet with dual herb/mining that I'll keep them both, but its something to think about for my next toon.

Ding 375 herbalism

I just love the herbalism.

Ding 1500g

I actually enjoy mining more than herbalism because I find the ores and bars sell better on my server. I almost never have a stack of any metal expire on AH, where as herbs are much more sensitive to day of week and stack size. But then again, I kind of like the mother nature feel of herbalism (I must be Tauren at heart) rather than the industrial, strip mining, ecosystem crushing aspect of my other gathering profession.


Aerislan said...

I'm pretty sure you can get Winter Squid if you fish in Winterspring, but don't quote me on that...I'll do some research and get back to you

Anonymous said...


You probably will need to go to Silithus for the last bits to 300 as I had to on my main since at 291 the last recipe was green, needed some hard to get ingredients and the make/skill ratio was lousy, so I went to Silithus for the cooking quest and it turned out to be faster and even generate some small cash. (Note: you need to be at 285 to pick it up).

Fel Iron Deposits, again, according to WoWhead, there seems to be plenty Mineral nodes in Zangarmash...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if you ride around the perimeter of Zangarmarsh, the nodes are there. I've also found Khorium several times in the middle of The Dead Mire. (I think that's the name; I'm not bothering to look it up right now.) There's also a cave in the...I want to say Southwestern area of Zangarmarsh that always has stuff to mine - and Ghost Mushrooms!

I agree with Someone up above - go to Silithus. You missed out on a ton of stuff by blowing that region off, though the same can be said for any region, really. If you happen to be there during the Elemental Invasion, even better.


Anonymous said...

P.S. If you don't have the Gatherer add-on, I'd recommend it.


Anonymous said...

*As it turns out, it's the southEASTERN area.

Amava said...

Excellent coincidence, because right before reading your comments, I did a quest to gather boxes of mushrooms in the far north west of Zangarmarsh, and came across some fel iron, and then in a first vein of adamantite ever. So that was funny. I haven't seen khorium there yet, but that's ok because I am something like 20 skill points shy of khorium.

Then I check the blog and see all of your responses telling me to look for minerals. So you guys are right, there is gold in them thar hills. Thanks for pointing
it out.