Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Strawberry Patch

This one is a bit of a vent, so feel free to disregard. Or chime in if you've had similar experience, or different ones, that's cool too, but I reserve the right to irrationally flame you, more so on a vent posting than on a real game content posting :-)

Actually, its more of an apathetic complaint, as opposed to a full force rant.

With the threat of the 2.3 patch looming over us, when I get home from work today, I'll be logging in, probably faced with a huge download (I'm not sure I have my downloader set up right to pre-download), followed by several small downloads before playing. Then there'll be the fantastic breakage of all my addons.

I'm really not one to get too caught up in the hype of the changes in a patch. I see tons of blog entries and other news about what each specific change means to members of a various class, but I suppose I'm just not quite to the point where my play style is so finely tuned that changes really impact me.

There's a new 10 man instance, so I guess that's exciting. But I honestly feel that the expansion will come out and make it obsolete before I ever get in there to play it. So the excitement is a bit limited.

I am a bit enthusiastic about the breakage to the addons. My addons are a tad out of date. When 2.2 rolled out, any that explicitly broke, I upgraded, and any that remained working, I just kept at their level. Plus I think I'm going to switch from TitanPanel to FuBar, using this patch as my excuse for upgrading.

Also, my sound is still messed up since 2.2, and my gun shots and mining pick swings are only heard sometimes. I did try the fixes that people offered up on a variety of sites, including the one BRK posted, but no fixey.

I'm not sure if its part of Blizzard's formula for success or not, but between patches and expansions, it feels like you can never feel satisfied that you sorta understand where things are at. There's always the threat of upcoming changes to make you feel like any investments you make in time, gear upgrades, gold spent, etc....will just be thrown away with the next patch.

Perhaps that's just a byproduct of levelling my first character at this point in time? Or maybe we all go through this.


Pike said...

Hehe, I tend not to look that far in the future. It doesn't really bother me too much that any gear I get is going to be obsolete by the next expansion. But I know it does bother a lot of people, and that's understandable.

pelides said...

Playing this game is a lot like buying a computer. Never a good time to buy a new one because something better will come along right after you buy one.

Patches and new instances will always bring new stuff, but there is plenty of stuff pre-patch that still applies to your toon. Take the time and care to build up your toon and you will be able to enjoy all the game has to offer... even if it's later than some folks.

Better late than never. :)