Thursday, December 13, 2007

Heroic Virgins

In wrestling you've got Triple H. In WoW, we've got HH. Honor Hold.

It's recently come to my attention that Terokk's Quill is bunk, and I there's a better alternative out there that is attainable for a character at my stage, and also not dependent upon random boss droppings.

I've taken several stabs at Murmur with the hopes he'll throw me a Sonic Spear, with no luck. I do like the instance, and the Murmur fight, and the key frag I help guildies and friends get, but I don't like being slave to his pseudo-random number generator.

My new in-game focus is to get my hands on a Hellforged Halberd. Requires Revered with Honor Hold. Starting last night, that meant about 10K rep for me. Looks like Shattered Halls or Heroic Ramparts/Blood Furnace are the only options remaining for me. Well, also some quests that get me the key to Shattered Halls.

I've never run in Heroic anything before. Wednesday night was the night.

Heroic Ramparts.

The rogue with us has been to Kara and has some epics. Our healer has run 1 other Heroic dungeon before. 3 of us were Heroic Virgins.

So I know what you're thinking..."I bet they one-shot the place". Yeah, I'm sure you're saying that.

Can we say "wipe-fest".

We wiped on the first pull. We wiped from the pat. We wiped on the next pull. We wiped on the bridge. We wiped on the terrace after the bridge. But, we one-shot the boss.

We wiped some more. And again. And one for you. And one for me. And one for your friend. And her friend. We wiped at the top of the stairs. Twice. And then we one-shot the next boss.

Between those wipes, we were having a blast. Totally cool group of people. Positive attitudes, no finger pointing. Good constructive feedback and advice, with people correcting eachother or calling eachother out on problems, but everybody stayed positive and it never became personal.

I couldn't have had more fun with a 3.5 hour, 3 repair bill (yep, we repaired 3 times), wipefest.

On the last boss, you fight a dragon rider, and then his dragon. The beauty is, if you kill the rider, you get 250 rep points. If you wipe on the dragon, you reset the encounter. If you kill the dragon rider again, you get another 250 rep points.

5 nice wipes like that netted an additional 1250 rep points from the run. Since I was there for fun (check), heroic experience (check), and rep (check), I had a great night. We never did take that dragon down, so only 2 badges, but who's counting.

A few more runs like that, and I'll be looking for my Savagery enchanter once more.


Durgan and Pudding said...

Saw your post on the realm forums, got some quick responses as well. Glad to see I could help you out.


Amava said...

Yes, thank you very much for pointing me in the direction of the realm forums. I really never looked there until you mentioned it. Plus I saw a bunch of guild recruiting and progression and stuff. Still learning how to filter the garbage posts (like silly hunters who want a savagery enchant) from the good ones, but in general, some nice info. Thanks for the pointer.

The enchanter situation is really bugging me. Its gotten to the point that, in an effort to GUARANTEE that I never get another 2H Weapon upgrade for eons and eons, I've offered to help my enchanter friend farm Shattered Halls until the Savagery formula drops for him, thus giving me better access to it.

Then I'll have to read up on the Boots - Dexterity and hope that formula is something we can farm for him too. Then I think I'll have decent access to all the 'chants I need as I gear up.