Monday, October 6, 2008

How fast is RAF?

While I'm looking at my own predictions from the past, I though I might revisit something else.

Back in July, before Recruit-a-Friend was a reality for the public, but I'm sure it was being finalized and made ready to roll out at Blizzard, I wrote about how WoW is unfriendly to leveling in a group.

One of the things I asked for was a Best Friend option or a Friends and Family option. The biggest thing I was hoping for at the time was the ability to summon your best friend, because at the time I was leveling a Blood Elf paladin along side an Orc Shammy in the Durotar/Orgrimar area. That trip all the way to Silvermoon City and hearth back every two levels was a pain.

So Blizzard listened and gave us summoning in RAF. I'm pretty sure they didnt have that feature in the RAF program until they read my posting. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Back to the RAF speed....

How fast is RAF?

Fast. Pretty mutha-f'ing fast.

Level 6. Not usually one of the levels that you'd think about as a lengthy grind or anything painful.


Kill some mobs, ding level 5.

Run back to the Draeni starting area and turn in two quests.

Ding 6.

Ok, so that's pretty fast.

You level so fast that sometimes you look and you've got 3 talent points unspent.

You better have a well-funded alt though, because you ain't gonna be able to afford all your training.

All in all, spent about 2.5 hours leveling last night. Got the pair up to 14, and that includes spending 30 minutes running from Exodar to Auberdine to Menethil to Dun Algaz to Iron Forge to Stormwind City to Westfall, making a quick stop in Dun Modur to pick up the flight path.

2 hours to get to level 14? That's pretty damn fast.

In other news, Westfall sucks.

In other other news, leveling as a pair still stinks. If you get your quests out of sync at all, its just plain old stupid. But with the Grant-a-Level feature, those pesky gathering quests are not as bad. Just do them on one toon, and as that toon gets a little ahead from doing the extra quests, grant a level to the other toon to catch her up.

In other other other news, playing a Priest is still one of my favorites. I just like 'em. And all the better to have the Priest following an Enhancement Shammy as a healbot. Enh Shammy with a renew and a bubble, with a Shadow Word: Pain helping burn stuff just a drop faster? Its pretty cool.

I can't wait for Amava's Mammoth mount so she can swing by like a soccer mom and load the kids into the mini van and cart them over to pick up all the flight paths without all the pain-in-the-ass running around.

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