Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not so fast there, buddy!

Bombing daily quests.

Two achievements available. One for skettis and one for blades edge mountains. Both with a timer of 2:15.

T'other day, flew on normal daily quest circuit, hit up skettis. Flubbed one bomb (ie, flew to a normally egg-covered perch, only to find it egg-free), but generally no mess ups. Figured that the flubb had ruled out the achievement. Never give up, cuz as I turned it in...dingo.

The one up north is a little tiny bit harder. Sure, monsterous kaliri are mean sunzabitches, but they're avoidable enough.

Those gunners in Blades Edge? They're down right nasty.

But the gunners are not really the problem.

No, its the damn stacks of.....whatever the hell we're trying to blow up. The little piles of Fel Something that have the Hunter's Mark bouncing over the top.

I don't know about you, but for me, its pretty random how the visual effect will work.

Sometimes you fly up, see a nice crisp Hunter's Mark in the distance, as you approach, very clearly and smoothly, the target below appears, and you have a very nice reference point to aim your little bombing reticle at.

But, more often than not, the visual effect is quite delayed for me. You can see the hunter's mark in the distance, but as you approach, the actual target only appears after a delay.

Other times, I don't even see the Hunter's Marks until I'm right on top of the damn things.

Makes it very hard to accurately target the damn bomb.

This seems to be independent of lag or other players in the area.

Felt pretty close to getting the BEM achievement done yesterday, when I totally missed one bomb because the stupid stack didn't show up until after a delay, and I fired my bomb at the point below the Hunter's Mark that I was estimating was the target.


But, based on the Skettis experience, I figure I won't let one little flubb stop me from trying. Never Give Up The Ship!

Scoot scoot scoot bomb bomb bomb.

Fly quick like a bunny down to the quest turn in.

Struggle for a second or two to click the NPC, then click through the dialogues to the "complete" button.

Waoooommmm, achievement dingy on the screen.


Who wouldathunk missing an entire bomb would still leave me time to finish up?

A fool, that's who!

Upon further review, the call on the field has been overturned. Video review shows that the receiver did not have possession while his feet were inbounds. Closer inspection of the video also shows the receiver to be stuffing his trousers, but that's not relevant to the call, just worthy of pointing out.

Yeah, so that dingy? Yeah, that was for 50 Daily Quests completed. Pure coincidence that it happened right at the moment I was hoping for a speed bombing dingy.


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Anonymous said...

Thats comical. I could imagine your reaction when you realized what had happened.

Wondering if you have finalized your plans for WoTLK, I'm hoping to fire up a DK sometime on the alliance side of Terrokar and maybe one day be able to do a dungeon or two with you. I'm still reading, I find your posts very entertaining and gives me insight into the raiding that I won't be able to do.