Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Costly Quiver

Now, mind you, the following post shant be construed as a complaint. I'm more than happy to give blizzard's npc's my hard earned gold in exchange for massive damage capabilities. This is merely a sharing of amusement.

We head on into Mount Hyjal.

For ppl brand new to the place, its a little confusing how the whole thing works.

I think we're still saved to our raid ID from when we killed Rage Winterchill, so in theory, he'll be dead so we can move on to Anetheron.

Zone in and see all the original NPC allies standing around????

WTF, somebody talk to Jaina and let see what happens.

First trash wave....damn these guys look familiar. Maybe you've got to kill Rage everytime? That blows.

Second trash wave....hey, green Stitches? He's not supposed to show up until later? Glitchy glitch?

Third trash wave....BANSHEES! Sweet! As it would turn out, you fight Anetheron in the exact same spot as you fought Rage Winterchill which seems a little silly, but ok, whatever.

Secret Strategy of Success (S3) : For the trash waves, AoE casters get a Shammy. That shammy uses the threat reduction totem. Reap profits as AoE madness ensues.

After one wipe, all the hunters dinged Honored with Sandy Scales, so we took the opportunity to hunt down the ammo vendor in Caverns of Time (a non-trivial exercise as it would turn out).

We find the vendor, then one of the prominent hunters in the guild was heard to say "oh man, we've got to individually destroy and type DELETE for each stack of ammo in our quiver???"

There was much laughter at with said hunter when it was pointed out that you can just sell your Mysterious Arrows back to the vendor.

Yeah, as it would turn out, that was a bit easier than typing DELETE 24 times.

So the full 24-slot quiver costs nearly 39 gold to fill up.

I was amused.

In other news, Amava is resuming a light load of daily quests because she's gonna have a fit if she drops below 1k gold after getting the Mini Van.

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