Thursday, October 16, 2008

My First Achievement

One of the very first things I did upon logging in was to explore the Achievements interface.

Confusing to navigate at first, but generally its a nice thing. Note to blizzard: Let me move the achievements window. Where it sits now, it blocks my chat window so I can't peruse my achievements and also monitor guild chat/whispers at the same time. On second thought, it blocks the uterly awful /general and /trade chat that's going on, so maybe dont fix this until a couple weeks pass.

I think I'm liking it overall.

Watching 5 guildies all get a heroic completion spit out into gchat at the same time, kinda fun.

Watching as ppl go fishing or daily questing or mounting or petting, all fun.

Watching people get announced as they log in with "XYZ has achieved the Champion of the Naaru" is fun-ish.

Its actually a little bit much right now, but that'll settle down once everybody's mounted up, done a couple battlegrounds, shaved, and gotten the basics out of the way.

Over time it'll be much less frequent, and actually be a fun thing to see when a guildie dings something.

And when a big group clears a big raid instance for the first time, it'll be a wall of dings, which I think will be lots of fun. Another note, Blizzard, since you're still reading me for your exclusive channel of new changes, maybe make it aggregate the list of names if several guildies complete an accomplishment simultaneously. That might help build a stronger sense of team unity.

So, faced with all this stuff, what's the first thing I went for?

I suppose the Champion one was my first accomplishment, but that's by default.

Then mounting, but I'm not sure if that was an achievement for my 7 mounts, or do you not get one till 10?

Then getting my pets out of my bag was an achievement.

But all those were sort of defaults, not really things I did.

Nope, for me, I found out I'm an Explorer.

Looking through the exploration accomplishments, I see Outlands.

Every single discoverable node in Outlands had been discovered...EXCEPT for one.

One single little chunk of map, this little floating island in northwest Netherstorm.

I couldn't resist!!!

Flew up there, discovered the island.

Dinged Netherstorm!

Dinged Outlands!

Completely frivolous, without any value what-so-ever, but made me smile, and I'll call that my $15 for the month.

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