Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I can haz babies

Its been a while. So where'd you go, Amava?

I'll tell ya where I went.....

To the Deadmines.

And the Stockades

And Gnomeregan (/shudder)

And Uldaman

And Razorfen Kruller

And Scarlet Monastery

And Scarlet Monastery

And Scarlet Monastery

And Mauradon

And Zul'Farrak

And Sunken Temple

And Black Rock Depths

And....Ramparts (solo up till first boss with two 57's following, aggroing everything in sight ftw cant wait till patch is done for gorilladin ftw)

It was a little less than two weeks ago when I signed up for the Refer-A-Friend program and referred myself in an effort to pay Blizzard for faster leveling.

Holy. Dog. S.

My babies hit 58 and nearly 59.

But that's not all folks.

Nope, not enough fun to have one set of twins, why not do it again.

The second set of babies is now 49.

The beauty of it is that I only used a couple of the "grant a levels" on one of the toons to keep the pair in sync, so I've got in my pocket nearly 60 grantable levels, which is nice.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with all these toons, but I'm cashing in on RAF while I can. It is very nice to blast through Azeroth. Its a great place, but I'm kinda done with leveling through it the old fashioned way.

On the brighter side, I now have enough silk and mageweave cloth in my possession to completely dominate the market should I so desire. But I really dont desire, so I'll probably just trickle it out over the AH as prices peak and then ultimately stabilize through the patch and the expansion.

I could probably crit you with a massive two-week wall of text, but I'll try to break it into lil stories. So there.

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