Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Taste of Three Oh

Breaking news: The patch hit tuesday.

I'm sure my site is the first place you all come for breaking wow news, so there you have it. /ha

Lets get the pleasantries out the way: kudos to blizzard, things went smoothly. the 1.2gb download was done when I got home, the update ran smoothly. after a minimal fuss i found the downloaded files and transferred them to the other computer and upgraded there too. /golf-clap

Even bigger kudos to for their excellent response time all night. I didn't have any trouble downloading new copies of addons, however, addon authors need to get their booties in gear and update their stuff.

Now lets see how my patch night compared to my predictions of patch night....

Addons not working - Sorta check. Most of the fundamentals were fine, some of the niceties seem to have been not updated yet, but many of those still work if you enable out of date addons.

Massive lag because everybody's signing on - not really. good server response times, only one time did I get booted and then upon logging back in get the "world server is down" message. 5 minutes later I was back in, so good job.

Completely illegible and unbearable /trade and /general chat - CHECK I had to completely block /general and /trade from my view. unbearable qq'ing, statements of op'ness, calls for nerf, questions about parchments, you name it. blech.

Everybody trying to measure themselves up against eachother via achievement points - not really much of this from what I could tell. I dont know if other people are aware of the total "achievement points" thingie yet, so maybe they just dont know how to whip it out and compare to the next guy. All in all, I was pretty amused by seeing all the achievements getting spit out to guild chat. I kinda like it.

My own class totally unrecognizable - sorta check. Big big changes, yes. Unrecognizable, no. This one will warrant its own post.

As a raid leader, the interactions between all the various classes unrecognizable - I'm gonna have to go with Check on this one. Setting up parties in a raid, sending out invites to foster synergy, and giving suggestions for spec when people ask me will be very challenging at first.

So, how about those goals that I set for myself for patch night:

2) Very first thing I did was to spit out some talent points. 51/10/0, and I'm not overly happy with my choices, but that'll go in the next post.

1) Gorilla. Once I had my talent points, I threw Blizzard a bone and gave them a couple hundred gold for two more stable slots. Un'goro Crater. Gorilla Cave. Bubbles, the Gorilla Formerly Known as Uchi (????), is the newest member of my team.

3) Took me a while to find pet talent point screen. Found it. Allocated points. Verah nice.

5) Shave and a Haircut. I couldn't resist. I popped over to stormwind and got a new hair doo. Then promptly put my helm back on.

4) Glyphs. This was a no-show. I didnt even go near this one, other than to find the little screen with my empty glyph spots.

So there you have it. I'll call it a successful patch night. Still a couple loose ends to square away, but generally smooth sailing.

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