Friday, October 24, 2008

The human mind sees what it wants to see

A hunter, a rogue, and a warrior walk into a Cathedral.....and the bartender says"why the long face?" /har-har-har

Three screens in front of me. My attention focused at the Hunter in the middle one, and only picking up peripheral views of the rogue's screen on the left and the warrior's screen on the right.

I suddenly get this really strange feeling, like a naked streaker had just run through the SM Cathedral.

But this is an instance. There's not supposed to be other players in here. WTF?

Not sure whether my eyes are playing tricks on me or not. I mean, afterall, the human mind will see what it wants to see.

So I scan across the three monitors.

Starting on the left, ok, the rogue's screen. I see a fully clothed Hunter, with her fully clothed gorilla next to her, and a fully clothed rogue and warrior following her. Ok, score one for the Freudian team.

Next up, hunter's screen in the middle. Samey same, everything's in order and everybody's got clothes. Two points for Freud.

And then, look to your right, the warrior's screen.

And there you see, a fully clothed warrior, with a naked gnome rogue sort of standing inside her, and a naked night elf hunter standing in front of her. Freud, sac'ed on the 1 yard line! In De Face!


That's a pretty funny bug, if you ask me. It stayed that way until we left the instance.

And in other news, Amava doesn't strip, its the only RP facet of her personality. Its just not her bag, baby, not that there's anything wrong with it. So she was appalled.

And I was confused over whether nakey night elf chick is hot or scary. Still not sure.

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Anonymous said...

A hunter, a rogue, and a warrior walk into a Cathedral.....and the priest says, "finally you're in LOS!" -Zirc