Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mt Hyjal Quickies

A couple'a quickies about Mt Hyjal:

1) Breaking news (not so much): Its been nerfed into the ground.

2) Breaking news: I dont give a hoot. Its fun as h3ll. I'm sure that wipe after wipe on a boss, after dealing with wave after wave of trash would get old in a hurry. But, I'm lovin the one-shot whirlwind tour of bosses we're gettin post-3.0.2.

3) Trash waves for Kaz'rogal are outstanding. Gargoyles? What's not to love about Gargoyles? And massive frost-breathing dragons? Bring it!

4) Thrall is the f'ing man. Way more fun than Jaina. Perhaps we know now why all my toons are chicks.

5) One-shotting two new progression bosses in a totally nerfed environment? As long as there's massive chaotic waves of trash, I'm a huge fan.

6) I've found my Kryptonite, and it is Rage Winterchill. Amava has yet to be alive at the end of a dance with this guy. Not sure if its random bad luck, or I just suck (yep, that's the one). Death & Decay, ok run. Doh, ice bolt. Ok, hit your trinket, good, now run out of DnD. Doh, frost nova and you're still in DnD. You are now a spectator. F! THAT! If I wanted to watch a fight, I'd be searching youtube.

7) Recount shows the following top 3 raw damage dealers for the entire run: BM Hunter, Retribution Paladin, MM Hunter. IN MOUNT HYJAL!!! If somebody had said that 4 months ago, they'd have been locked up, or their Warlocks and Mages would have been fired. Its a new world, and we're here to stay (until the inevitable nerf that's gonna turn Volley into the whoopie cushion novelty fart that it once was). And to add insult to injury, the Beast Master spent 75% of the Rage Winterchill fight as a spectator.

8) All our tanks are so effective at AoE threat generation now. All 4 tanks would stand right on top of eachother and the nice, neat, crisp, compact circles of corpses after each trash wave was just a sight to behold.

9) Nerfed, you say? Progression kill on Anatheron, a one shot that was total ez-mode. Progression kill on Kaz'rogal, a one shot in our first ever viewing of him. The Officers hadn't even read about him up until 1 minute before we started the fight. Ends up being..."Tank and spank, tanks share the cleave, others avoid the front. If your mana is low, run away. Go Go Go!"

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Kestrel said...

Volley is my new addiction. :( In Kara the other night, I was so far in front in total damage up through Maiden, it was ridiculous. Of course, once the groups stopped, my damage went down to where everyone else thought it oughta be (I'm fairly undergeared compared to most who were in the group).

But still...gawd, is it fun!