Friday, October 3, 2008

I Caved

Recruit-A-Friend that is. I finally caved in.

The lure of 3x XP is just too great. That, plus some friends Recruiting-a-Friend with eachother and rolling toons on Amava's server.

I haven't tried it out yet, so not a whole lot to talk about, but the friends flew to level 15 in like 5 minutes or something, so that sounds like more fun than the alternative.

So I'm paying Blizzard to make my leveling go faster.

It is such a ridiculous thing if you think about it.

They engineer something thats fun to do once, if nobody's really waiting for you at the end....leveling up a toon.

Then engineer something that more or less has proven to be more fun for the masses....doing stuff at max level.

Then they charge you more for what they advertise as a "reward".....skip two thirds of the boring stuff.

Am I the only one who's somewhat appalled at this concept?

So this morning I paid Blizz $50 for a basic account plus the BC upgrade.

Then, over the course of the 90-day period, lets pretend I paid $14 each month for subscription.

So that means that at the end of the RAF I'll have paid $92 to Blizzard in exchange for however many toons I can race to 60 in that time plus the free levels I can grant to another toon.

And then, if I want to stop the bleeding of the recurring monthly cost, I'll have to pay $25 per toon to transfer them over to my main account, bringing the total up to $117, pretending its just one toon we're talking about.

So, Blizzard, how about you just offer me a level 70 for $150 and call it even?

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