Friday, October 24, 2008

The Law of Conservation of Threat

The Universe loves balance.

In nature you've got such fun things as mathematical laws to explain how a every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

In accounting you've got such fun things as GAAP and double ledger entry to keep the books balanced, unless you like to shred (*).

In dating and relationships you've got a balancing act called "tit-for-tat". I have no idea what "tat" is, but I'm a huge fan of the other one and regularly provide my fair share of "tat" to maintain the balance of the Universe.

In WoW, we've got threat.

The closed system of PC's and NPC's love balance just like the rest of the world.

Do something mean to mobs and they correspondingly increase how much they dislike you.

Likewise, do something nice to someone that mobs dislike, and it will also increase how much they dislike you.

For every action, and equal and opposite reaction. Well, maybe more proportional than equal, but still, there's a reaction. Work with me, people.

So, does this Law of Conservation of Threat apply to the T5 healing bonus for Hunters?

If so, who gets the threat, me or Bubbles? T'would be nice if the answer is Bubbles.

Or is there some threat blackhole that it just sorta gets sucked into, like when I feign death?

Maybe there's some parallel universe where they just really hate everybody, kinda like when the river of Goop of Negativity runs through NYC in Ghostbusters 2, into which all the dumped threat and aggro resets go, thus maintaining the Law of Conservation of Threat across the Meta-Universe of these multiple WoWs?

Does anybody actually know what "tat" is?

(*) It is the official position of this blog and its author that "shred" is a bad thing, unless you're a feral druid.

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loronar said...

Isn't it essentially "this for that"?