Friday, October 24, 2008

Falling Down With Style

Have you been near the Aldor Elevator lately?

The bones are piled up like the base of an Aztec sacrificial temple.

Everybody's been trying to fall 65 feet without dying.

Everyone's twitterpated with Achievements.

Although I have contributed a few bones to the pile, that was only because I got confused by three different views of the elevator across three different multi-boxing screens, so I'd hardly call it an attempt at an achievement.

I'd heard that you could have a Paladin bubble you and then just jump off to complete the thing. Haven't tried it, and it doesn't seem to be very much fun.

After a recent raid, a couple people were talking about it and figured we'd give it a try.

Scryer's Tier.

There's a little red jewel statue thing right on the edge, overlooking the southwest-most part of Lower City.

If you're in the right spot, you can look down and see a little tent/cloth roof thing down below you in LC.

They tell me to jump, so I run off the edge.

No accomplishment, near death.

So they tell me to "jump" off the edge.


Gotta actually jump, because I guess the Tier is only 64 feet tall. Jump and you clear the 65 foot mark.


Im' not sure how falling damage is calculated. Is it a % of your health, or is it a raw number? I started the jump with about 10,500 health, when I landed I had about 900 health. At the same time, a squishy caster was also completing the achievement. Not sure how the health amounts compare, but I'm pretty sure they had less than 9000 health, which would lead me to believe its a % and not a raw number since the feat was complete.

Fun, frivolous achievement. I like 'em that way. No real stress, no daily pain (curse you, blade's edge bombing), just a couple minutes of entertainment tacked on to the end of the day.

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Leiandra said...

It is a percentage of your health. For more information (everything except for that), see: