Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How fast is fast?

So I mentioned yesterday that the RAF bonus leads to fast leveling.


I created my babies on thursday morning. For the record, they are not death knights, and therefore start at level one (1).

When I left for work monday morning, they were level thirty eight (38).

Now, I'm willing to stipulate that I did spend quite a large amount of time in the game through the weekend. But even so, 38?????

Somewhere around level 17 or so, I became fed up with questing in Westfall. So I decided to try my hand at triple boxing.

All boosting runs, all the time.

Amava on the main computer, the two babies on the other one, with keyclone managing the small screen size and key mappings.

Just following along as Amava slaughters instanced mobs.



Razorfen Karl


Scarlet Monastery

Ah, Scarlet Monastery.

Ran SM Cathedral maybe 15 times.

When I leave from Chillwind Point, between the 3 toons I have roughly 140 bag slots available.

I just grind the Cathedral until all those bags are full. Hearth to Ironforge, empty the bags, and head on back up to Chillwind.

The highlight of the looting - Fifty seven (57) stacks of Silk Cloth

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