Thursday, October 16, 2008


Any me love you long-time reader of BRK probably knows about the downranking pull shot that uses a Rank 1 Arcane Shot.

This little spit ball of a shot is perfect for a pack of mobs that're close together, but not automatically linked to eachother.

When you hit a mob, there's a sphere of aggro who's radius is proportional to the damage caused by the shot. Any mobs within that radius also aggro.

Using the Rank 1 Arcane Shot, I think I hit for like 75 or so, maybe crit for 150. Tiny aggro sphere, nicely pull a single mob away from his friends.

They say that downranking is out the window, and healers are up in arms over this, since downranking is a way of life for them.

Will the Rank 1 pull shot still be usable?

I actually think yes, its just that downranked heals actually cost more mana than the highest rank heals, and as such, are still available for use, but are just silly to actually use in a raid.

Will need to test this one out. Only situationally useful, not ground breaking if its broken, but part of my toolbox nonetheless.

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Mattack said...

Rank 1 is still there to use it will just cost more mana, which defeats the point od downranking heals. :(