Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Setting up the raid was just too easy. It felt eerie.

Started falling into my old routine of organizing the parties. Stop it! Fire scatter shot at the raid groups, wherever ppl land is where they stay. You're still all set.

Buffs. Looks kinda cool to have your camera zoomed all the way out and see 25 Arcane Intellects hit the full raid at the same time.

Soul Well, used to have to juggle them because they only have 10 stones, no longer, everybody gets a turn at the trough.

At one point, I asked the raid "has anybody's job gotten harder?"

Nobody piped up, and one of the Officers said "yep, they're makin it accessible to the casual gamer".

And that seems to be the truth. Many of the details that formerly needed to be managed have become moot.

After the raid, just for giggles, I entered our composition into MMO-Champions RaidComp. We had every single buff except for one. Granted, we only had one mana battery, so I'd like to go deeper into some of the buffs, but generally covered.

I found myself wondering what the future of level 80 raiding will be like?

With so many of the details and thought process changed, where will the effort go?

Sure, in SSC we are now totally over powered, so there was very little attention to detail during trash, LEEEEROOOOOOYYYY!

The boss's health is nerfed and our tanks output so much damage, no problem there.

So when we get to Nax at 80, the boss health level will be tuned for that additional tank damage and our DPS's dps. Their damage output will be tuned for our healing Spell Power.

But with so many of the other details gone, what will it be like?

Accessible to the Casual Gamer, indeed :-)

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Nomakk said...

Makes ya want to go try and solo ragnaros!! or...take 4 friends? :D